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Custom Mobile Application Development

AB Mobile Apps can help you create a great looking custom mobile application that is easily found and fits your needs perfectly. Some unique features we provide are:

  • Confidentiality: AB Mobile Apps will send our NDA form to protect your company’s ideas and privacy. 
  • Scalable Designs: So that when your app is a success you’ll have the peace of mind that it will stay a success.
  • Debugging: Many developers do not debug there application, we do to make sure it they work the way they should.
  • Custom Design/Structure: This allows you to have long term upgrade options.
  • Implementation Research: We test out applications as much as permitted to make sure our applications accomplish their intended goal.
  • SUCCESS: With more applications ranked in the top grossing, free, and many other categories then ANY other mobile application development company in the same field and specialties. AB Mobile Apps should be your only choice, Call us today to get started on making your mobile app a success.

At AB Mobile Apps we are committed to helping you with your ideas. …we look forward to helping make your idea a reality.

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Our Latest Mobile App: Recipes By Ingredients

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Coming soon  Windows 8 Desktops and Firefox OS. Stay tuned for updates.

You Need a Mobile App!

  • Over the last few years the world of communication has gone mobile; you either join in or get left behind.
  • Smartphones and Tablets are the fastest selling communication tools ever; there are over 2 million activations every day!
  • Your customers are 6 ½ times more likely to interact with your business on a mobile device. Mobile is by a wide margin the fastest-growing industry in history.
  • Today’s consumers and business owners expect the convenience and ease-of-use that Mobile provides; in fact 85% of business owners currently have a smartphone.
  • 81% of Businesses are planning on building a mobile application within the next 12 months.
  • Mobile apps have topped the average return on investment, for every $1.00 spent businesses get back $1.67. (informationweek)
  • Any business which has its own Mobile App has an ever-increasing advantage over the competition in today’s Mobile-dominated market.
  • A properly designed and executed cross-platform Mobile App will be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal.
  • Such an App increases your value and relevance to your market by increasing the quality and speed of response and service to your customers.

Businesses with their own Mobile App have an ever-increasing advantage over their competition for customers in today’s Mobile dominated market.

Mobile Application Development Usage

This is where Mobile App development comes in. Mobile Apps offer to businesses what websites did 15 years ago. B2B or B2C have both seen tremendous growth from Mobile Apps. (B2B Business to Business, B2C Business to Consumer)

Mobile Enterprise Development Interest

Traditional marketing is made to make people discontented with what they have and offer a solution that will fix this discontentment. Mobile Apps on the other hand are being actively looked for by customers!

AB Mobile Apps is here to build the Mobile App your business needs. We can help answer all of your questions and help place your business in your market’s attention via your own custom-built cross platform Mobile App. Simply call us at (866) 882-2711 or email us at info@abmobileapps.com


Why AB Mobile Apps?

AB Mobile Apps is widely recognized as a foremost developer in these areas:

  • Custom built, Cross Platform Mobile Apps from the ground up
  • Provide App Discovery (the Mobile App equivalent of Search Engine Optimization).
  • Creating new technology for our Apps in order to provide features unique to the vision and needs of each of our clients
  • We build Mobile Apps that stand far apart from the crowd of generic-flavored “Template” Apps that will limit what you can do and your chances for success.
  • Many Mobile Applications may be great in design but its potential is linked to how well it’s marketed and AB Mobile Apps is an expert at creating and marketing Mobile Apps.

AB Mobile Apps’ underlying commitment is to help small businesses compete in the modern marketplace. To this purpose we have developed a unique marketing and production model that allows us to charge many times less for our Mobile Apps than the other major Mobile App developers out there.

For answers to all your questions on Mobile Application development, contact AB Mobile Apps today either through emailing us at info@abmobileapps.com, by calling (866) 882-2711, or by clicking here.

What can you do with a Mobile App?

There is a huge demand for Apps from every market – people download Apps because they want to know about the products and services different companies are offering. With Push-Notification, you can alert all your customers at once to any specific piece of information you wish to get out there; and with Instant Messaging you can communicate with them individually … meanwhile the very fact that they have already downloaded your App means that they actually want to know what it is that you have to say!

Business Mobile App Development Ideas:

Think of an idea for an app that will help people:

  • Find for your product or service
  • Want to buy your product or service
  • Have bought your product or service

Ideas for Mobile Application Usages: 

  • Help with sales presentations
  • Streamline departments
  • Manage Finances
  • Help with project management
  • Add Brand Value
  • Product Ordering
  • Employee Training
  • Increase customer service
  • And anything else your imagination can dream up

When developing a mobile application: 

  • Focus on custom-building a cross-platform mobile app from the ground up so that you can incorporate long term upgrades.
  • Properly equip them with App Discovery (the Mobile App equivalent of Search Engine Optimization) so that people can find your app.
  • Mobile Apps provide a dynamic interface between you and your market. This interface can used for displaying account history, ordering information, lead information, or streamline a process.
  • Be sure your developer is not only established as a pre-eminent designer of innovative cross-platform Mobile code; but is also fully versed in building your App with “App Discovery,” which is the Search Engine Discovery technology for Mobile Apps.


The Power of Mobile: Custom Mobile App Development Company

Whatever you wish to communicate, and whoever you wish to communicate it to – that is what your App makes available. The world has indeed gone Mobile – Mobile is where your market is.

Your customers today want fluid, efficient and immediate communication – that’s why they’re moving increasingly to Mobile. Marketing literally means placing your company, your products and services, right in front of where your market is. This is exactly what a Mobile App does.

You need to be sure that your App is properly built, by an experienced custom developer of code for cross-platform Mobile Apps, and who also possesses proper App Discovery expertise. Only then can you be sure that your App will be found by your market, and that it will work smoothly across the broad spectrum of Android screen sizes and resolutions and different operating systems. You should know that on a daily basis so many companies ask us to ‘fix’ and ‘de-bug’ Apps that they thought they were getting a deal on – only to find that doing it cheap and doing it right are rarely on the same page!


Marketing Mobile Applications

When marketing Mobile Applications be sure to follow the basics. Click here to read more on marketing Mobile Applications and how to make your mobile application a success.

Your Mobile Application Development: Hire AB Mobile Apps as your custom cross-platform Mobile App Developer!

Get a start on your Mobile App’s development by contacting us here at AB Mobile Apps. Call us at (866) 882-2711, or email info@abmobileapps.com

It is also crucial to recognize that once your App has been developed and has been available for a while, you will get new ideas about further refining and developing it with new features. But you can’t do that with a template App – you need a custom-built App to reflect the specific needs of both your business and your customers, and to allow for the ongoing development of your vision and of your own market’s interests.

Not only is AB Mobile Apps one of the few companies that are indeed expert in App Discovery, but because our primary focus is marketing, in actually getting results for our clients’ investments, we continue to assist our customers post-development in successfully marketing their Mobile Apps, via press releases and various additional services.

Business-2-Business Mobile App Development

Close to 90% of business owners and executives have and use a smartphone with 75% of them using mobile applications on a daily basis. If you want to reach other business or streamline your own business then you need a mobile application. With so many businesses today looking at creating a custom mobile application, it is important that yours stand out. If you are going to create or have a mobile application developed for your business then contact AB Mobile Apps today and stay ahead of your competition

Creating a business to business mobile application may be just the thing your business needs to grow your business. A good application though can also increase efficiencies with-in your own company, allowing for your workforce to take advantage of mobile and give your company a competitive advantage. Contact AB Mobile Apps today to get started developing or creating your mobile application.

Click here to read more about business to business applications. 

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