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Welcome to AB Mobile Apps!

AB Small Business Marketing a.k.a. AB Mobile Apps is a nationally known developer of custom cross-platform Mobile applications. We have been recognized for our work in the Mobile industry by both such organizations as the Chamber of Commerce as well as by important newspapers such as the Daily Record in Baltimore, that especially serves the legal profession in the Maryland and DC areas. This latter relates to the fact that our “Ask A Lawyer” Mobile App heads the list of all Apps found under lawyers or attorneys on the Android App Marketplace. 
This is not only a clear testimonial to our excellence at marketing our clients’ Mobile Apps together with our App Discovery skills, but also to the wonderful fact of Mobile marketing: that you don’t have to be a big national corporation to take full advantage of this form of media. Rather, the client for whom we designed and developed ths “Ask A Lawyer” Mobile Application is a relatively small though highly competent law-firm right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Indeed a number of our Apps have achieved special prominence in their own categories due to our combination of state-of-the-art custom Mobile Application builds along with our extensive knowledge of App Discovery. We have been recognized for our breakthroughs in coding that have paved the way for all manner of new functionalities and features on Mobile Apps in general, especially in Apps related to engineering needs such as flow-charts. 
In short, if you are looking to have your App done right, you need look no further than AB Mobile Apps. We are excited to have you visiting our website and we look forward to helping you toward your own goal of making a successful Mobile Application. Nor do you need to have an extensive understanding of this industry before you get started. Most of our clients have very little understanding related to this technology – and we pride ourselves on our commitment to educating everyone we speak to about the possibilities of Mobile Apps and how they can use them to expand their services and also grow their businesses. We are glad to have you visiting our website and look forward to working with you. Contact us today with your ideas or questions, or to ask us for a quote; and let us help you make your vision a reality.