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Over 50% of Smartphones run on the Android platform – so that it is clearly essential for your app to be available on this platform. One of the biggest reasons for Android’s dominance is that there are so many choices of phone makes, models, and styles to choose from, which in turn results in so very many screen sizes and resolutions being available. With different platform variations this all translates into their being over 5,500 different Android configurations. This implies an enormity of code variations and requirements specific to each phone type as far as any ‘single’ Android App is concerned.

Actually, a ‘single’ Android App involves a number of distinct variations that have to be built, in respect of the fact that there are so many distinct Android platforms, such as Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Jellybean and others, each requiring different coding, where all such must be performed so as to be compatible with all the others. Ok – what this boils down to is that truly functional Android App development is enormously complex and delicate; and when the precise skills and level of current knowledge regarding the entire spectrum of Android developmental specifics is lacking, the resultant Apps are clumsy and full of ‘bugs.’ This all serves to impede their functionality and ease of use, and indeed regularly creates incompatibility with various specific Android phones. Since the principal allure of Mobile is convenience, immediacy and ease of use, such fundamental design flaws instantly render an App undesirable to the end-consumers, who will be less apt to keep them on their phones.

In other words, it is not only essential to tailor your App to the Android market; but it is also imperative that you do sufficient research to ensure that your developer is properly qualified and experienced to actually build an App that can function across the great range of Android phone-types and operating platforms. Otherwise you risk simply throwing your money away. As a small business located in the mid-West, whose own immediate local market consists of other mid-Western small businesses, we are extremely sensitive to the needs and concerns of small businesses in general. Therefore we are committed that our clients’ investment in their Mobile App is exactly that: an investment. If we do not recognize that the likely benefits of a client’s App warrants the investment necessary to produce it, we will urge them not to proceed. And when we do accept a project, we are determined to build a first-class product that will perform properly across the board so as to maximize its investment potential. AB Mobile Developers will create your app and make it available on the Android app store; and with over 300 Million Android devices working today, this market must be tapped to remain in competition within your industry.

Most recently, Google recently announced that over they have 900,000 Android phones and tablets are being activated daily. At the same time, more and more Companies businesses are increasingly coming to realizing that the potential of having their own Android Apps development field is a quickly expanding industry. Indeed, Google announced that in March of 2012 that , they had reached over 15 Billion Android App downloads from their app marketplace; with and four out of five of the most popular Apps available today being are in fact owned by Google. Not only this, but Apple’s requirements for App development very restrictive by comparison, which further encourages more attention being given to the development of Apps for Android. The Android App Development industry is consistently growing and developers are working hard to try to meet the daily increase in demand for mobile apps. Furthermore Apple's multiple restrictions as regards app design (as well as Apple’s approval time taking up to 6 months) also serves to pressure app development towards the Android market. This in turn serves to exacerbate the shortage of expert coders and programmers who can actually build first-class custom Android Apps.

Here at AB Mobile Apps we field only a first-class team of experienced developers, fully qualified to  take your ideas and make it them a reality in record time. To find out more about having your Mobile App quickly and easily  with our experienced development team creating and designing your app, and making it available on the Android Marketplace. Contact us at (269) 532-1500 or email us at info@abmobileapps.com to get started today.