Android Phone Development: Mobile Apps for Android Devices

What to know when creating a mobile app for Android!

Since the two largest presences in the mobile device world are the Android OS and Apple's iOS platforms, you need to be aware of the specific advantages that are unique to the Android market has over its leading competitor.

Apple affords but a limited selection of hardware, so that almost all iOS users have the same iPhone or iPad. In marked contrast, Android's system is open source, thus allowing for multiple companies to develop new smart phones and tablets for use with the Android OS. This open source stance of the Android market allows for a large amount of competition throughout the mobile device industry, which in turn affords the consumer a vast variety of options on the Android OS. As a result, when you choose to use the Android platform for your mobile app, you can reach a lot morethe largest portion of the mobile marketplace people.

Android phones have been successful in almost every market, offering a wide range of price-points. Those that are less expensive, whereas at the other end of the price spectrum are some serious mobile : some phones are cheap allowing for a high adoption rate, while others are hardware powerhouses. This means again that developing for Android allows you to reach almost any market.

Android Vs. Apple

Although Apple’s iPhone does command a good-sized portion of the smart phone audience, Because of the Android’s flexibility that the huge choice of available Android devices affords, Android in general commands a considerable lead over Apple. This is further enhanced by the availability of various high-performance Tablets, such as the new Nexus, that are also considerably less expensive than iPads. At the same time it should be recognized that Apple also commands a very sizeable piece of the overall Mobile market. Furthermore, Apple commands a much higher proportion of the more mature and affluent sections of society.  . leaves Apple behind in the competition. Whereas Android users have a huge selection of devices to choose from, if someone wishes to use Apple's iOS system, they have to buy the newest version of either the iPhone or the iPad, which implies the narrowest of choices.

The best course of action then is to have your Mobile App developed so as to be suitable for both Google’s Android platforms as well as for Apple’s iOS. This means that you should select a properly expert custom cross platform Mobile App developer who can properly assist you in determining whether you should indeed develop your Mobile App in either or both platforms, and then fulfilling your specific requirements. Currently the Android market has over 500,000 apps available in response to consumer's app needs. This continues to encourage further competition on the side of Android development; and with competition emerges the best possible product available. As long as the openness of the Android market remains, so will the large variety of smart phones and tablets to choose from.To create your Android Mobile App for Android or apple or both,App contact AB Mobile Apps today, and together we'll expand your business into the enormous new mobile market!