Blackberry Apps Development Company: Create Your Blackberry App on Blackberry 10

Are Android and Apple Really Leading the Mobile Apps Market?

With the introduction of Blackberry 10 in 2011, Blackberry is beginning to take its role in the race against Apple and Android operating systems. With the introduction of Blackberry 10 came the option for Android Apps to be sold in the Blackberry App World allowing for the largest amount of app options for their consumers. In the first quarter of 2012, Blackberry Playbook app submissions increased an astonishing 240%, showing a great interest in Blackberry since Blackberry 10’s introduction. Our developers can work with you to begin creating your new Blackberry App today!

The versatility of Blackberry App World alone shows the progression of the smart phone and tablet world through the eyes of Blackberry. Where as the iOS and Android OS battle for the top spot in the mobile industry, Blackberry app world allows for apps to be developed specifically for their devices, but with the Blackberry app World allowing Android Apps as well as Blackberry apps to be sold, they are only broadening their horizons. In the first quarter of 2012 the Blackberry App World had an increase in Apps for sale by 27%, again exemplifying the fact that the Blackberry app world is continuing to grow.

Blackberry App Developers

Blackberry encourages developers across the world to create Blackberry apps by keeping in mind the programs developers are used to and allowing these programs to create Blackberry apps. This allows a wide range of developers to create Blackberry apps and with that, many companies fighting for share in the market. AB Mobile Apps can take your idea for an app and make it into a reality with our expert consultants and developers at your disposal today!