Blackberry Developer: Application Development For Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 And It's Mobile Application Development

Blackberry has began to push the industry of the Blackberry developer towards the Blackberry 10 operating system, and with the new OS comes the need for new Blackberry apps. With the progression of new operating systems comes the necessity for expert mobile application development by experienced developers. The need for the newest, most stable, and best Blackberry developer pool availble has continued to rise since the term “app” came into play with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Blackberry is trying to attract developers more than ever promising developers to make $10,000 in their first year working on Blackberry apps or they will compensate the remainder needed. In the ever present struggle for Blackberry apps to compete with Android and Apple, Blackberry has made this deal to try to increase it’s number of developers and incidentally have the best and newest Blackberry apps possible. AB Mobile Apps has the developers to begin developing your new Blackberry App today!

In addition to the striving effort to bring more developers on board the Blackberry 10 revolution, they have also made Android Apps available for download on the Blackberry App World. The neutrality of the Blackberry App World and the incentives for developers to begin to work on Blackberry apps means that the developers of the world are really starting to look at Blackberry as competition against Apple’s high requirements for apps together with Android’s combined control of the mobile device market. The largest contributing factor to Blackberry's competetive advantage over the Apple app store and Android marketplace is the fact that Blackberry app world has the stance to allow Android developers to also make their Android apps available for Blackberry users.

Blackberry App World: Moving in Leaps and Bounds

As of the beginning of May 2012 the Blackberry app world hit the 99,500 apps mark for the number of apps ready for download. The number of vendors publishing apps on the Blackberry app world increased 254% from 2010 to 2011, and that increase is seen to continue. This fact alone proves that the mobile app community is welcoming every new blackberry developer with open arms. With the versatility of allowing a newly created app to be available not only on the Blackberry app world but also Android apps becoming availble on the same platform allows for more flexability in the mobile apps market.
The ability for Android apps to be available to Blackberry users makes Blackberry look very appealing to consumers, but Android users cannot download Blackberry apps. Seemingly Blackberry has the flexability of using Android apps but not allowing Android users to take advantage of the work of a Blackberry developer.

Developers working with Blackberry 10 have a unique opportunity to work directly with Blackberry in the development phases of applications, they strive to work with the developers and have confidence in their abilities, thus the $10,000 guarantee. The field of Blackberry mobile application development is a growing field with plenty of oportunities for all developers who choose to create Blackberry apps. Developers at AB Mobile Apps know the necessities for creating your new Blackberry App and have been trained in the most recent development tools available, call us today to start developing your new Blackberry App!