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On January 16, 2013
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Business Application Development Discovery

Business Application Development: What Area Does Your App Fit Into?

Before a business can begin development on an application a business should determine what area there business application fit into. There are 3 main areas for businesses today to utilize mobile apps:

Marketing Business Applications:

  • Can be used a way to increase brand awareness or to increase new businesses through lead generation. (An example might be a business application that allows someone to get a quote a project or play a game.)

Customer-service Business Applications:

  • Can improve customer needs, wants, and service, along with helping business efficiency. (An example would be an application that allows you schedule a service appointment or one that might give you information on your bank account.)

Internal Operations Business Application:

  • Can help streamline current operation. (Another example might be a app that lets workers documents issues with a product, read data, or display lead information for sales.)

Business Application Development: Deciding on the Features

If your business application fits into marketing then you want to discuss your app with your potential customers. The key hear is to talk to people you’re looking at going after with this application, run some ideas by them and get feedback on some features they might want to see. The big thing is make sure they are potential customers as a potential customer wants different things then an actual customer. An example of this might be an apartment complex that highlights a weight room even though only a small portion of residents use it; the weight room is seen as a draw for potential customers.

Business Application Development Mobile Market Share 2012

If the area you are looking for was customer service then there are two groups of people you want to speak with; your current/past customers and your employees who interact with the customers. Start with some ideas, and then ask your employees what they believe customers want to make service better. Once you have a list ideas talk to your customers how to make the ideas better and to maybe for input on something you have not thought of. After you have done this talk with your employees on how to implement the new features. If you do this you’ll develop something your customers want and your employees will push to make successful. Keep in mind though that employees sometimes think of their own interests first and as a result if a feature might replace a job then they the employees may react negatively to it.

If an app is for internal use then you need to speak with your employees about features that would make their life easier and what they would want to see. For example you could an app that allows a sales representative to quickly access a customer’s past orders. However you should consult your sales team to make sure the structure the app is correct and they may have an idea of additional features that could help and streamline the process.

Business Application Development: Deciding on the Platform

Every day there are new phones released, and it can difficult to figure out what platforms your app should be on. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Web, Tizen, Windows 8, and countless others. This is where choosing an area to develop your business application becomes relevant.

If you’re creating an application for marketing then usually you want your app to be on Apple, Android, and maybe Windows 8 to start with. Apple and Android have the largest market share however Windows 8 has huge potential with many businesses seeing great ROI on business applications.

For customer service purposes you should find out what types of phones your customers are using. Usually you will need to support a Web App, Apple, and Android however you mind find a large portion of your customer base uses windows phones or blackberry which would result in additional platform needed to be supported.

Internal use, for internal use if you have luxury of dictating what platforms your employees use then you can build a business application just for that platform. If you’re looking for cost effectiveness and support of a wide variety of platforms then a Web app might be the answer for you. Deciding on your platforms is going to depend upon your desired features, available devices, and budget.

Business Application Development: Beginning the Development

When beginning, make sure you have a good idea of what you want. If you do not, that is fine as we can help walk you through the process however many other application development companies will not and when you get multiple quotes it is important to be consistent and have a good idea of what you want for comparison. Feel free to sketch what you’re looking for or even just wireframe out what you might be looking for. You do not have to draw anything up however the more descriptive you can be with any application development company the more closely they can get you back a quote that matches what you’re looking for. In the end the main things you need is the features, platforms, timeframe, and budget as this will dictate what type of application and who you go with to get your application created. 

As always regardless of the nature of your data-processing, storage and sharing needs, here at AB Mobile Apps we can expertly create the perfect mobile solution. Contact us now for free estimates, recommendations, and development of your business application, contact us at (866) 882-2711, or Info@ABMobileApps.com


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