Business-To-Business Mobile Application Development

Business-To-Business Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps are the single biggest breakthrough in Communications technology since the cell phone was invented. There are more smart devices in active usage in America than there are people; and the vast majority of business owners and executives (close to 90%) also have Smartphones and regularly use them to access information from other businesses or to enhance the quality and variety of services they offer their own clients. On average 75% of business owners use mobile apps on a daily basis. 

It should be recognized that a Mobile App is not just a tool; as such, it can be used by anyone with something they wish to communicate to their markets or their clients. The technology is not exclusively appropriate to either this industry or that, to retail or to wholesale, to Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business. The only real limit to your App’s utility is your imagination. A mobile app can reach any market and can help any business reach a customer in way they could not before.

Recently AB Mobile Apps was commissioned to design and build an app by a company that wished to make it easier for its own engineers and its clients’ engineers create and refine machine systems specific to the clients’ location and needs. At the same time the App would serve to support the company’s reps by facilitating their real-time connection with the engineers back in the home office. This allows for a business yo quickly sell a system, create a system for a client, and then start that system.

Several huge benefits were immediately realized from having such an App. The first was that it allowed for tremendous savings of time and travel expenses, in as much as designs could be developed and refined instantaneously via the App, right at the proposed location for the machine system. This allowed for employees to services more consumers better and faster through the mobile app. 

The second was a truly unexpected benefit – because of the superlative engineering design of the flowchart App itself, and the coding breakthroughs that AB Mobile Apps developed to actually facilitate this Mobile App’s unique functionalities, the App attracted a lot of attention. Allowing the company to bring a higher value to there brand. On average 30% more brand value is added to a company when they create/develope a mobile application. 

Knowledge, or information, has always been power. In today’s world, your power to expand your business is directly related to your ability to inform your market about who you are and what you do. Quite simply, there is no more powerful or more effective marketing tool with greater penetration than the Mobile App. The world of business is going Mobile – why? Because people are mobile today, and they want to know whatever it is they want to know wherever and whenever they are looking for it. Through the power of Mobile, the world is constantly at our fingertips.

What Mobile provides all of us is unparalleled convenience and ease-of-access. And the tools that maximize the Mobile experience are Mobile Apps. That is simply because an App is loaded right onto the Smartphone itself, so that its icon is already in place for easy and immediate access. That App is now the source of choice for its particular category of service.

If you want your business to remain relevant in a world that is going increasingly Mobile, you need to secure your own Mobile position by having a suitable Mobile App developed to represent your company and the services and products you offer.  At the same time, your well-developed App will offer your clients (both actual and potential) a streamlined dynamic and interactive interface to gather the information they’re seeking from you – making you a very attractive resource for them.

Think about what possible features or functions you could have on an App that would increase your relevance and value to your customers and potential market. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Flowchart
  • Question and Answer tree
  • Accounts Management
  • Product Design
  • View Pat & Current Orders
  • View Inventory

Then contact us here at AB Mobile Apps to develop your ideas and find out what it will take to bring them into reality. Email us at or just call (269) 532-1500.