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Implementing Mobile Apps into Your Marketing Plan is a Must

Why Mobile Applications Are A Necessity

The answer, in a nutshell, is as simple as this: the world is clearly going mobile, and more so each and every day, with literally millions of new Smartphone activations daily. A very sizeable portion of your potential market has already gone mobile, and this portion is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, Already over 85% of small business owners in America have Smartphones; and the overall penetration here in the US is in excess of 100% – yes, there are now more Smartphones and Tablets in active use than there are people!


Marketing means, in essence, ensuring your products and services are right in front of your market. A couple of centuries ago, marketing involved little else than loading your products onto a cart and then taking them to market; and in true ‘the-early-bird-gets-the-worm’ fashion, the first ones to get to the market would get the main share of the sales. Various new-fangled technologies have come into come into the fore since then, each to be replaced by the next development in communications technology. Over the last couple of decades, websites grew into being the premier marketing vehicle, or ‘cart,’ of the modern age. And it’s relevant to note that, just as a cart doesn’t pull itself to market, but requires a horse or tractor or whatever, a website also needs to be pulled into the forefront of its market’s awareness by what became known as Search Engine Optimization. Without a suitably professional level of ‘SEO,’ a website is like a cart being pulled by a lame horse – so that by the time it shows up in the market, most of the potential buyers there have already selected their vendors and left.

Well, over the last 5 years, the communications industry has been developing Mobile as the new predominant market-place. HTML5 has become the I.T. industry standard for website building, because it allows full integration with Mobile. Windows 8 is about to come out, and is set to revolutionize how we engage with the internet – it is literally a mobile platform designed to transition computer users (i.e. virtually everyone!) to the world of mobile. Websites are clearly still a major factor in modern marketing … yet they are no longer the most dominant factor. In the last 12 months, searching the internet via computers has decreased by 50% … because of the unprecedented expansion of Mobile. So that during the same period, Mobile searching has increased by over 400%, and continues to grow at a rate in excess of 20% a month! No industry in history has demonstrated such growth! But not only are 6 ½ times as many searches being conducted via Mobile Apps than on computers, but the intrinsic nature of Mobile is such that when people are searching via Mobile, they have 9 ½ times more intent to buy than those who are searching via websites, which are much more conducive than Mobile to mere casual ‘window-shopping.’ 

Today’s market has gone Mobile – and your access to it is your own Mobile App. Contact us today to have all your questions answered about this new world, and how you can best position your own business to maximize your potential in it. The mobile application market is one of the most booming areas of technological growth over the last five years, as a matter of fact; it is one of the fastest growing industries EVER! As a result companies are increasingly turning towards mobile applications to help communicate their message to clients. Mobile applications are no longer just for games and entertainment. Billions are being invested into mobile apps for the productivity value they bring as well.  For example, have a legal question? Get free legal help on the Google play store for android apps from an app called Ask A Lawyer. Need to write a presentation? Quick office and many other mobile apps allow just that.

Mobile apps have become such a foundation of our society that they are used 6 and half times more than websites. The average will now look at their phone over 150 times in one day. Over 900,000 android devices are activated every day. Mobile is here; your customers are mobile, are you?

Now that you know you need to be mobile another issue is being found. The process can be called App Discovery a variation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are very few companies that know how to do mobile app discovery as it a complicated process with many factors such as what people are searching and where that may decide very heavily how you position your mobile app. A mobile app can bring in allot of business for someone however people need to be able to find it. You can have the greatest mobile app in the world however if no one can find even when searching for it by name then you my friend have the Mona Lisa in a closest and until you find a way to open the doors no one will ever really see it.

Who What To Look For In An App Developer Can Help?

To be confident that an App development company can actually produce what you need, you should be able to determine that they are able to fulfill several key criteria. First, are they fully competent and experienced at creating the necessary codes from scratch? In other words, are they custom-builders of Mobile Applications, with the capability of designing an App exactly suited to your specific needs, from the ground up? Or are they merely template App developers, seeking to fit you into a predetermined and somewhat generic box with a predetermined set of available features that also disallows the possibility of changes and add-ons that will likely become desirable a little later on? Secondly, do they actually know how to perform authentic App Discovery? In order to determine this, you will want to see some examples of their work. Can they show you actual examples of innovative Mobile App design, that function perfectly across the full and complex range of Android platforms? Can they show you actual examples of their App Discovery expertise, in the form of any Apps they have already developed, and that consistently show up at the top (or at least near the top) of whichever particular categories they are meant to show up in?

Here at The necessity for App Discovery is why it is very important not to go with just any mobile app development company is. A serious business would not use a do-it-yourself template drag and drop website, same goes for a mobile app. When a mobile app is published it is locked into that signing key. As a result you want to make sure that you’re using a mobile application development company that can do everything you want to do now and in the future so that you do not need to remove your app in the future.

AB Mobile Apps, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we have indeed fulfilled all these essential criteria, and are happy to furnish you with abundant evidence of the same. Not only this, but because of our commitment to helping small businesses, and to ensuring that they get the maximum benefit from their hard-earned marketing dollars, we have developed a unique business model that allows us to charge prices way below the national norm for custom-built cross-platform Mobile App development. This being said, we encourage all serious enquiries to check around with any other properly qualified custom App developers to compare both pricing as well as development time. The average national development time for custom-designed cross-platform Mobile Apps is somewhere between 9 and 15 months; but thanks to our unique business model, which allows us to keep a remarkably high number of specialised coders and programmers on the payroll, we promise completion of the development of your custom Mobile App within 60-90 days following final design approval. price-structure.

Asis a premier custom cross platform Mmobile Aapp development company with years of experience in the Mmobile Aapplication field, we are fully confident that you will find our services, together with our pricing structure and development time to be without parallel anywhere in the world. And please be aware that our service does not end simply with the design and development of your Mobile App – we are also committed to supporting you by assisting in effectively marketing and promoting your Mobile app. After all, we know how huge the market we are poised to serve is going to get, in the extremely near future. So we are looking forward to enjoying tremendous growth in our own business – and in this regard, your satisfaction means everything to us, because that is what our own credibility grows from. Your success is literally our success too.

This being said, we look forward to becoming partners in your success in the Mobile world. And remember: AB Mobile apps works with companies all across the Michigan and the United States to build some of the best mobile applications on the market. AB Mobile Apps was also recently honored by the Chamber of Commerce and several news organizations. AB Mobile Apps goes beyond the role of mobile app developer to also assist in marketing, app discovery, promoting your mobile app. Iif you can dream it, they we can build it.

Contact us today with your questions or ideas, or to prepare a quote. Fill out the contact form on this site, or call us at: You can find out more about AB Mobile Apps at Abmobileapps.com or by calling (269) 532-1500





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