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Car Dealer Mobile Apps: Custom Auto Dealer Mobile App a must have

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On January 25, 2014
Last modified:January 25, 2014


Car Dealer Mobile Apps

Car Dealer Mobile App

Car dealers have some pretty bad mobile apps and its costing them millions of dollars a year. A search on google play shows that most car dealer apps suffer from almost no downloads, bugs, hard to find, and no unique reason to download them. This is despite some very interesting information about how customers are buying cars via mobile while car dealer mobile apps are actually getting worse. In essence car dealerships are becoming a showroom, similar to how many retail stores such as best buy have become a showroom for Amazon. 

Some interesting facts about auto mobile app shoppers:

  • 71% of US Auto Shoppers use mobile when searching for a car.
  • 63% of Auto Shoppers where searching for car while on a car dealer lot
  •  51% of Auto shoppers use mobile content to search for price, payments, trade-ins, offers, and inventory while on a dealer lot.
  • 22% of Auto Shoppers on a dealer lot explicitly use mobile to find inventory at another dealership

The Money in Mobile and why a car dealer needs a mobile app.

A person using a mobile device on a dealer lot is 72% more likely to visit other dealerships with 52% of those visits coming from information found on mobile. Ebay sells over 13,000 cars a week through its mobile app, most at a fixed price. That’s over 650,000 cars a YEAR!!!! That’s a huge profit for EBay and a huge profit opportunity loss for many car dealerships. Carmax has hundreds of thousands of downloads on it's mobile application in matter of months. The issue is not that people are not mobile, the issue is that car dealers make really bad cheap application that no one wants. A car dealer mobile app needs to have the features people want, function perfectly, and be unique. 

Car Dealership mobile applications

Car Dealer Mobile Apps, what comes next?

Car dealer mobile apps are going to need to advannce a long way. Car dealers are going to need to get out ahead of this or at least catch up as they risk continuing to losing millions of dollars of a year. As time goes on more and more people are going to shop mobile which means more lost dollars to the dealerships. Amazon has already started to sell cars and will only further expand selling them.

Car dealers need to stop relying on manufacturers and internal departments to come up with the solutions. It is in the best interest of the car manufacturers to keep all of their dealers equal and persuade customers to use the car manufacturer mobile experience to lock them into their brand, not your dealership. If your buying pre-paid templates then you already know this because despite all of the app downloads other auto mobile apps are getting, you have almost none. If your internal department had the answer your app would be custom and you would have downloads along with a high amount of interaction. This is not fault of the internal departments, there are very few qualified mobile app companies such as AB Mobile Apps out there that can build you a quality mobile app. Recently AB Mobile Apps was ranked the 2nd Best Mobile App Developer in the World on a ROI Matrix. This is due to our commitment of providing the best mobile application at an affordable rate to deliver results to our clients.

How to get a custom car dealership mobile app:

Contact AB Mobile Apps today to turn around your car dealer mobile app or create a custom mobile app for you. Visit us online at http://www.abmobileapps.com/ Email us at info@abmobileapps.com or call (866) 882-2711.






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