Mobile Application Development, Creating mobile apps for Small Businesses

Mobile App growth and Usage Out Pacing Tv watching

Mobile Application Development for Small Businesses
In today’s fast pace world everyone is fighting for small business dollars and owners are more confused than ever.  They need and want to know where to invest their money. Mobile is a key place to start. In recent studies it has been proven over 70% of smartphone owners use their phones to help make a purchase. In addition…

Creating a Mobile Application

Creating a Mobile Application

When Creating a Mobile Application, you need think about where to start, what to do, who is your target market, what are the features, and purpose. Get started here at AB Mobile Apps.

Developing a Mobile Application for Small Business

Mobile App Growth

Mobile App Development for Small Business
In today’s world of fast pace change mobile is on everyone’s mind. Small Businesses everywhere are wondering how to develop a mobile app for business; in fact 81% of businesses are looking at creating a mobile application with-in the next 12 months. There are some important lessons that can be learned though.

When developing a Mobile A…

Custom Built Mobile Apps vs Template Mobile Apps

Why have a ‘CUSTOM-BUILT’ Mobile App rather than a "TEMPLATE" Mobile App?
So what is the difference between Custom-built and Template Apps? In a nutshell, a Mobile App Programmer custom-builds your App from the ground up, to perfectly fit your specific needs, by writing the code for each and every function. And they’re going to create new codes to give your A…

Implementing Mobile Apps into Your Marketing Plan is a Must

Why Mobile Applications Are A Necessity
The answer, in a nutshell, is as simple as this: the world is clearly going mobile, and more so each and every day, with literally millions of new Smartphone activations daily. A very sizeable portion of your potential market has already gone mobile, and this portion is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, Already over 85% of small business owners…

Mobile Apps

The mobile application market is one of the most booming areas of technological growth over the last five years, and companies are increasingly turning towards mobile applications for their newest marketing plans. Mobile applications have grown far from providing movie times or a simple game, now business owners from lawyers to doctors are creating mobile apps to provide the best possib…

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