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Custom Built Mobile Apps vs Template Mobile Apps

Why have a ‘CUSTOM-BUILT’ Mobile App rather than a "TEMPLATE" Mobile App?

So what is the difference between Custom-built and Template Apps? In a nutshell, a Mobile App Programmer custom-builds your App from the ground up, to perfectly fit your specific needs, by writing the code for each and every function. And they’re going to create new codes to give your App whatever unique functionalities you and your Programmer recognize are appropriate to fulfill the purposes of your own App.

On the other hand, a Mobile App designer utilizes pre-fabricated templates (commonly outsourced from Indian and other overseas template builders) as the basic structure on top of which to import and ‘cut and paste’ his or her designs. So what are the practical drawbacks with template Apps?

1.     Authentic Custom-built Apps are unique to your needsTemplate Apps are not - they were originally designed to appeal to a large number of end-buyers, and so combine various features recognized by the designers to appeal to a general market rather than being tailored to fit your specific business’ unique nature and needs.

2.     Authentic Custom-built Apps are tailored to fit exactly your requirements. Whereas Template Apps are seriously limited in functionality, both now and for the future. Basically, what you get with a template is whatever it comes with. It is very normal that once a company gets a Mobile App, it identifies various additional features it could utilize, as well as desirable refinements of features it already has. The problem with a Template App is that you can’t do this – if you want to make changes, you generally have to scrap the App you just got, and start all over – which is a very expensive and wasteful process. However, with a properly built Custom App developed by AB Mobile Apps, we can edit, refine and add to it as per your needs, where you just pay for the ‘addition’ or ‘remodel,’ without needing to scrap anything that has already been done. Sometimes, if a very large corporation has contracted that its Apps be built by a company that is essentially a Template designer – then that designer can afford to have additional features added to it. But the other limitations of Template Apps remain, as follows.

3.     Template Apps typically rely on older code designs – they were developed a while before you became aware of them – a custom App doesn’t begin development till you have contracted for that. But the Template App has already been around for a while, after spending an average of 6 months in development – so it reflects an older and generic technology.

4.     Template Apps also typically represent less advanced and original code developments – because they are intended for a more generic audience, they don’t usually bother to invest in the expense of complex new code creation, but are content to take advantage of whatever code developments authentic App- Programmer have released into the market via their custom Apps.

5.     De-bugging: take Android for example. There are over 5,500 different Android devices, representing different screen sizes, manufacturers, operating platforms. To properly code an App to work on so many devices is a very complex job, requiring a high level of expertise that only the best code developers have. No App builder can guarantee being able to build an App that works on the whole spectrum of available Android devices, especially the outlying Chinese ones and such the like. As a result, the average Template App typically functions properly on somewhere between 3 and 8% of Android devices. In contrast, AB Mobile Apps custom-builds Apps that will work on between 80-95% of all Android devices.

6.     A serious drawback with template Apps is that they cannot usually be ‘SEO’d’ (Search Engine Optimized, also known in specific regards to Mobile as ‘App Discovery’). One of the biggest problems facing Mobile Apps is that without proper SEO, the search engines don’t place them in their proper categories – which is why, when you look under different categories of Apps, you will see so many Apps show up that have nothing to do with those categories … or you will find it hard up to the point of impossible to find some Apps even when you are looking for them by their exact name! This is all because of a lack of SEO  - and you should be aware that only a very few companies actually know how to invest their Apps with authentic ‘App Discovery.’ Therefore some of the #1 listed Apps in the country, under their specific categories, were built by AB Mobile Apps!

You need to weigh the costs vs the benefits of each kind of appilcation If you don’t understand what’s involved here, you can easily end up with an App that actually doesn’t do what you need.

First you need to understand the difference between a true App Programmer, as opposed to merely an App Designer/Builder, especially as both are referred to as App Developers.

Put it this way – who would you want building you a house? A building contractor, who know construction literally form the ground up? Or an interior designer, whose expertise is basically limited to all the finishing touches, like selecting the wall-colors and matching them up with the upholstery and furniture arrangements? It is not the designer’s job to understand everything about structural design and integrity; but unless that is properly performed, all the finishing touches aren’t so relevant. If the foundation’s weak, if the walls are seriously cracked and unable to adequately support the weight of the house and the roof, painting them in lovely colors isn’t going to do you any good!

Here’s the next thing to be aware of – just as it’s unrealistic to compare the actual work performed by a real builder versus what is done by a designer only, it’s also unrealistic to compare prices. What an App designer charges for ‘developing’ an App will usually, and absolutely should, cost a bunch less than the cost of an authentically custom-built App.

If you aren’t aware of the difference between what both of these actually do, and look for the cheaper option, you’re probably going to find out later on that instead of saving money, you actually wasted it on something that fails to do what you need.

A Custom-built Mobile app, with proper ‘SEO,’ is one of the best business tools and/or marketing investments any business can make. It is an investment that will pay for itself many, many times over. The very real risk with a Template App is that it will offer a very much lower RoI, and may even prove to be an expense that never even pays for itself.

Our experienced developers and team members are ready to answer all your questions now.

Contact AB Mobile Apps now to get expert recommendations regarding how to build your App with the functions and features best suited for your needs, and in the most effective and cost-effective way possible. Email us now at info@abmobileapps.com or just call (269) 532-1500.


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