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Custom Manufacturing Mobile Apps and the Manufacturing Industry

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On August 12, 2013
Last modified:August 12, 2013


Manufacturer Mobile Applications Custom Manufacturing Mobile AppsManufacturer Mobile Applications:

By 2015, the majority of manufacturers will have a dedicated internal enterprise mobile application “store”. Manufacturing has come a very long way, with enterprise mobile applications and consumer based mobile applications becoming a part of the norm in manufacturing.

Today’s world, without any question, is mobile. Every aspect of life today, be it personal, corporate or industrial, is hugely influenced and enhanced by Mobile technology. In fact the benefits are so great that, just as it has long been unthinkable to try to function effectively in the modern world without telephones or computers, the same thing can be said of Mobile.

In other words, any business regardless of its industry or customers, if a business wishes to be truly competitive in today’s market then it seek to actively develop and apply custom mobile solutions. Within the next 6 months, over 80% of manufacturers will be actively engaged in creating and implementing mobile application development services.  Such solutions take the form of both marketing apps to expand a company’s market reach; customer service apps to upgrade the overall customers’ experience while adding value; and enterprise mobile applications to create a wide range of increased efficiencies in a business’s internal operations and communications.

The reality is that a well thought-out Mobile strategy affords any business tremendous advantages over its competition – so that the sooner any company begins to implement such, the better it can place itself, and preserve its position, in its own particular industry.

The State of Manufacturer Mobile Apps

The manufacturing industry in general has also caught on to many benefits afforded by custom mobile application development. Therefore it is imperative to have your App built both properly and quickly. In this regard, it is well worth noting that:

  • IT departments take from 9 to 15 months on average to build their company’s Mobile apps, and then another 3 months or more to for updates of each version on each platform– i.e. by the time the App’s been released or updated, it’s out-of-date and needs a update!
  • Because many companies are not building their (enterprise) Apps fast enough, employees are beginning to use inferior apps that compromise security – inviting all manner of problems related to operational failures and privacy (source – InfoWorld)
  • Only 22% of corporate software programs can be accessed by Mobile devices – the rest are only accessible from desk-tops, which kind of defeats the whole purpose! The problem is the very real IT gap. Real cutting edge Mobile development is the most elite area of IT, and requires full-time absorption in researching all the developments that are constantly emerging. It is such a highly specialized field that while demand for Apps is increasing by the moment, the actual supply of top-tier Mobile developers is barely growing (source – Mobile Helix)
  • Over 85% of Smartphone users (ie almost everyone today!) prefer Mobile Apps to websites with over 80% of all smartphone time spent on apps. For any company, manufacturing or otherwise, to fail to be represented in the Mobile world today, is to be seriously behind your competitors!

Common Problems with Custom Manufacturing Mobile Apps

A Mobile strategy must not only be well thought-out, but well-implemented! There are several key elements to truly powerful and effective Mobile App design and build. These have already been summarized in the article in this site, ‘Custom vs Template Mobile Apps.’ A second-rate development will not provide worthwhile results. The potential results of a custom Mobile App are very large – but a high-performing tool requires a high-performance build.

Some of the biggest obstacles to effective Mobile development?

  • Lack of functionality, owing to poor initial design and lack of proper input/experience by developer; poor custom Mobile development skills; or utilizing cheaper and very function-limited templates
  • Bugginess – there are now close to 12,000 unique Android devices, for example. So that there must be so much checking and specific code adaptation provided for so many makes and models and device screen-sizes/resolutions and so on, that only the top level of custom Mobile developers can actually produce an App that truly works cross-device. Today’s typical template App may work on 2% of all such Androids today! Whereas at the very opposite end of the development company spectrum, AB Mobile Apps’ builds work on at least 90% of all those devices (with the marked exception of obscure Chinese and similar makes). 

 AB Mobile Apps is dedicated to investing its creations with the best performance possible – therefore more time is spent on in-depth debugging than on building the App in the first place! Call (269) 532-1500 or email us today at info@abmobileapps.com to get started on your mobile application!

Why AB Mobile Apps for Manufacturer Mobile Apps

  • To not go over-budget. AB Mobile Apps is one of the few companies that offers a very detailed project proposal with a firm price right from the start. If we encounter unforeseen problems with any aspect of development, that then require us to spend a whole lot more time than anticipated … that is our problem. We don’t increase the price to cover such costs.
  • For on time delivery. AB Mobile Apps has implemented a unique development model that allows us to produce our Apps from start-to-finish in record time. We have built Apps in less than 1 month that other companies estimated would take between 9 and 15 months to build… and for a much lower cost.

If your business requires truly top-level custom mobile application development at more than competitive prices, to produce Apps that function excellently and provide a great user experience, and offer real value to your own internal operations or to your clients and potential market, and that will be completed in record time to ensure your taking full advantage of this technology ahead of your competitors … contact AB Mobile Apps today, to discuss your project and help further define or refine it if necessary, and provide a free quote.

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