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Developing a Mobile Application for Small Business

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Mobile App Development for Small Business

In today’s world of fast pace change mobile is on everyone’s mind. Small Businesses everywhere are wondering how to develop a mobile app for business; in fact 81% of businesses are looking at creating a mobile application with-in the next 12 months. There are some important lessons that can be learned though.

When developing a Mobile App for Business think about the ROI!

The Average ROI on mobile application is $1.67 for every $1 spent however you need to think about your market. If you’re creating an application where your average sales generates you less than $1 in profit or you have a limited supply of product that would limit your sales volume. If your average customer net earns you $100 in profit and in a worst case scenario you earned 5,000 downloads off your app in which you had a bad response rate 60% and only close 30% then your mobile app would still be worth investing upto $90,000 and that is why people go mobile. When any business can double if not triple there investment in a short time span it is a good deal.

Think about building a mobile application for your business that will help customers.

Now that you know what an app is worth you need to think your customers. You need to create a mobile app that accomplishes 3 things:

·         Facilitate people finding what they want or need. (This could be an app that helps people find product information, build a system, ask a question, try your service, and as many other features you can talk to.)

·         Find a unique easy way for people to buy your product or service. (An example could be people building a system then instantly checking out, pre-buying hours, paying a monthly bill, or again anything else you could think of.)

·         Keep your competitive edge. Think about the people who have already bought from you. (This could be a feature that allows people to buy again, send in a service request, look at additional services, past purchases, an FAQ section, if you can think it we can build it and customers will love it.)

Mobile App Growth

How to develop a mobile app for your small business?

·         Remember SEO (App Discovery) you can have the best application in the world however if no one can find it then your business app will go nowhere. Good SEO (App Discovery) can make and break a mobile application.

·         Make an app where your market is, Android currently has 75% smartphone market share however the iPad is the most popular tablet to date and Windows 8 is forecasted to be connected to near 400 Million. This means you may need a cross platform mobile application to maximize or realize your true business application potential.

·         Make an app they want to use. A mobile app is not a website, make a mobile app that people want to use and you’ll attract allot more customers and it will set you apart from your competitors.

·         Lastly contact a professional mobile app development company that can truly help you develop a business mobile application. We have seen many businesses that forget or do not know about some of these simple guidelines and come to us to re-make their mobile applications after spending $10,000s in development. AB Mobile Apps can help businesses save $10,000s and get a mobile application that will help your business, with several top mobile apps no developer can compare.

Contact AB Mobile Apps today, your customers and competitors are mobile, are you? Call us at (269) 532-1500 or email us at info@abmobileapps.com 

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