Going Mobile: Why You Must Bring Mobile Into Your Marketing Plan

The Mobile Market

Mobile Application and Mobile Device Usage

Today’s newest and now standard cell phones or “smart phones” offer a bevy of improvements for users. Primarily among these improvements, was the creation of apps. Not just a mobile version of a website, but an entirely unique handheld interface that works on all smart phones and tablets. Smart phone apps are limitless in ability or application. That means from opening up a calculator, performing language translation, playing games to pass some time all the way to purchasing a product or service from a trusted business, Apps are the single most effective marketing and sales tool available today for businesses and organizations who want to contact and keep contact with the masses. Mobile is the fastest way to grow a business with 81% of businesses looking at creating a mobile in the next 12 month and the average ROI being $1.67 for every $1 spent.

It starts with installation. Unlike your website or mobile optimized website, apps are found on the marketplace for each major carrier such as the Android market or ITunes, among others. These apps are then installed onto the phone by the user opening up a communication channel with the user like never seen before. Smart phones are built much more similarly inside to your computer then any land line phone you might see at your desk or on the wall. Smart phones are equipped with internal storage area and SD card to make a home for your mobile app on their phone. Mobile apps are downloaded and placed into this storage for constant, easy access.

What this means for you is that, mobile apps allow you create a environment that stays with the user and allows you to communicate with the user at any point in time in any way you might imagine. Creating a mobile application and having a mobile presence is a must in today’s market.

What to do to go mobile, and create a successful mobile application.

Make sure you create a mobile application that serves 3 types of consumers; people who are looking for information, people looking to make a purchase decision, and people who already have made a purchase.  By doing this you can ensure your mobile application provides a value to your target market. We recommend you create a list of 5 features for each one of these markets and select your top 2 in category when looking to develop a mobile application.

Things to keep in mind when creating or developing a mobile application:

  • SEO/App Discovery for Mobile App

This is the process of a mobile application to be found, and just like SEO for a website it can make or break a mobile application.

  • Build for the long term, make it custom

Make sure your applications allows for long term upgrades and future OS upgrades.

  • Pick a Platform

Decide where your application has the best opportunity and on what devices in order to promote your device the best.

  • Create a long term plan

Create a long term plan for your mobile application of how to market it and plans of actions for different case scenarios.

  • Work with the best mobile application development company you can

AB Mobile apps is one of the best mobile application development companies out there, with several top mobile application and enterprise systems. Make sure whatever application development company you work with has the skills and ability to work with you long term. You want a mobile application company that knows how to SEO a mobile application and keeps your needs in mind first.  A mobile application can pay off big for a company if they develop it right and with the right company.

Ease of Mobile

Opening and using the applications are as simple as opening and using any program on your standard desktop computer at home or work. Using the application only requires the user to touch your logo and your app opens up fully functional for any purpose you design. Limited only by your creativity, apps work by providing an exclusive channel to exchange information and communicate with your smart phone addicted customers.

Businesses are striving to reach their customers where they spend the most amount of time, on their phone. Get started today creating your mobile app. If you have any questions please contact AB Mobile Apps at (866) 882-2711 or email us info@abmobileapps.com