iPhone App Development: We Can Create Your iPhone Application

Why Develop an Application for Apple's iPhone?

With Apple’s iPhone leading the way in began the Smartphone revolution, and indeed were the first company to finance the development of Mobile Apps for Smartphones. Their inventiveness and foresight has earned them a large and loyal following all over the world; and they command the larger share of the more mature and affluent market demographic. Because of this, there are over 500 million Apps available for the iPhone and iPad, and many businesses equip their workforces with Apple devices so that they can utilize specific Apps in the effective execution of their work responsibilities.

What this means is that your marketing strategy for your Mobile app needs to take into account both Apple as well as Android, which means in turn that you need to be sure that the developer you select to develop your investment is fully capable of custom cross-platform Mobile App development.

the implication that your iPhone app will be available to your clients and prospects on the Apple Store is imperative to your mobile marketing plan. With over 500 million apps on the app store for the iPhone and iPad, there is clear evidence that this market is incredibly important for a mobile marketing strategy. And as long as more smart phone users choose the iPhone at the Apple Store over going into other operating systems, ignoring this side of the mobile industry is a downfall to many businesses looking into app development.
The Apple store allows for an iPhone app to become available to all users of Apple iPads and iPhones; and because of this, it applies the same rigorous user-friendly standards to every App it endorses for use with iPhones and iPads. Therefore before it does indeed release such Apps for use with Apple products, Apple first subjects them to , this store has the same standards of user-friendly products and this applies especially to every iPhone app that is created. Apple realizes that their standard for ease of use products is what separates them from the rest of their competition and because of this they apply an extensive review process which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to usually no more than 6 months (though it has been known to take up to 12!) – and in which around 97% of all fist-time applications are initially rejected! For this reason it is strongly advisable that you work with a company that has experience developing Apps for Apple devices, as well as an established history of their being approved, and relatively quickly. In these specific regards, AB Mobile Apps does indeed have the experience and a relationship with Apple such that our Apps are approved, and far sooner than later.

To get your Mobile App on the Apple App Store as quickly as possible, contact AB Mobile Apps so that our team of before a new app can be made available at the Apple store. AB Mobile Apps has a team of highly experienced developers and consultants can execute this for you. to assist you in creating your new mobile app and getting it on the Apple App Store as soon as possible!

Mobile Marketing: Your Web-Site and Your Mobile App

Companies all over the world are creating mobile apps to improve communication between the consumer and service providers. A website is no longer a suitable way sufficient to cover all your bases fulfill all your online marketing needs, because so much of your market is pulling away from a web-site based information and supply source, or they are only going there after already becoming pulled in by a powerful Mobile App. to market your business online. This means that, nowadays in the new mobile world you need it is imperative you have a mobile-accessible, or ‘Mobile Optimized,’ website included in your marketing plan; and to properly develop your overall marketing strategy to ensure real relevance and visibility to your prospective market by means of Mobile App development.

AB Mobile Apps is not only expert in development of custom-built cross platform Mobile Apps – we are also fully grounded in first-class SEO work for Websites, and are fully competent to ensure that your Website is properly Mobile Optimized and thus suited to work together with your Mobile app so as to create the most powerful marketing tools possible for your business’s continued growth., and to stay in front of your industry you must consider a mobile app as being the next step in your marketing plan.

The Mayo Clinic, for instance, just released an Mobile App that allows patients to see their doctor’s notes, refill prescriptions, see lab results, and even get recommendations for places to eat in the area. The Mayo Clinic is further staying cementing in their position at the forefront of the medicinal world by implementing aa Mobile App into their marketing plan. The clinic opted to focus, at least initially, on Apple devices rather than cross-platform. Here at has made this app available on the Apple App Store; AB Mobile Apps we cannot only design Apps comparable to, and indeed superior in function and design, to such an existing App, but we can also create it cross platform, so as to reach the entire spectrum of Smartphone users. We can create apps similar to The Mayo Clinic’s, but also make it available beyond Apple users.

Apple's Quality Assurance Process

iPhone App Development is a complicated and time-consuming process of working with Apple's requirements for mobile apps as well asas along with submitting the iPhone app to Apple for testing and processing. This process is in place for a very important reason, namely quality assurance across the Apple store. The iPhone and the iPad account for is the chosen very significant portion leader in of the Mobile market, which should not smart phone movement currently and this market must be accessed be neglected if you want to ensure that you are reaching your largest market possible for users of the iPhone market with your Mobile App.

Apple has an extensive review process for new apps before they can become available on their store. This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months to make your iPhone app available, but AB Mobile Apps has the developers to create your app, along with the experience of working with Apple, so as to and get it get your App into the hands of that portion of your consumers market that are Apple users as quickly as possible.