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iWatch by Apple:
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On November 11, 2013
Last modified:May 13, 2014


Apple's iWatch on display, features, specs, and what it means for you

Fewer devices have been more speculated or had such an impact on an industry then the iWatch. The furor over this smart watch has caused companies to jump into the watch space and release products prematurely. It has become commonplace to hear and see another smart watch, and then upon release the feelings of disappointment sets in and soon everyone begins talking about the iWatch and how that will fix everything. In order to justify this we need to understand what people mean when they say “fix” everything. Therefore we need to know what are the problems, pitfalls, current competition, what the watch should be, and what Apple is likely to do. Apple needs another revolutionary product and this might be it, Apple has left us many clues along the way and let see if we can pick them up.

First, look at an old iPhone commercial and notice how apple makes each feature with-in each of those commercials stand out while making you want the phone.  When watching the first facetime commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKoLp_lGo14) you couldn’t help but get a little choked up. Now apple relies upon its image, watch the latest iPhone 5s gold commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGoMEvYrMS0) and notice the only thing Apple puts on display here is its image. Apple want people to buy its products every 2 to 3 years the same way you might buy clothes. It is with that in mind we know that the iWatch will have to fashionable, something backed up by Apples string of new hires bringing in professionals from the fashion and retail industry. All of this address the first problem of a smart watch.

The main problems and solutions with smart watches in order of importance:

Not fashionable: The current watches are not fashionable. There bulky, square looking, and not appealing. It is like someone said let’s make a smart watch by replacing the dial on a normal watch with a screen.  Apple made the smartphone and tablet markets by creating a device that looked extremely appealing first and foremost while not catering to what seemed logical at the time (having a keyboard and mouse). Smartphones and tablets existed before but it was something only for geeks or business executives until apple made it stylish.

iWatch Solution: A slim ruby screen watch that is stylish. It’ll come in different colors, durable, unique, and most importantly make you want it when you see it. Here is a great iWatch concept that we think nearly gets it.

Poor battery life:  You can have the most amazing watch in the world, however if a consumer has to worry about charging it every few hours then you’re limiting your market size and providing an inferior consumer experience then a watch you can buy from a dollar store.

iWatch Solution: No need for charging, although the least likely however do-able if apple truly wants to be innovative and shock people then it needs to come out with a watch that does not need to be charged. There are few different ways to power the device such as through solar and the simple movement of your wrist. There are few other solutions here Wireless Charging and Figure out a way to extend battery life through more efficient processes however neither of these two will wow people in the same way.

Poor User Experience: The problem with many watches the poor user experience. A general rule is make sure your users can accomplish anything they wish to with-in three clicks. Many watches make you jump through hoops and take forever to complete simple tasks.

iWatch Solution: With the iWatch this should faster. Like the Moto X the iWatch should have a feature to detect movement then flash to show you the time and notifications without killing battery. Another option is for the screen to automatically turn on when you look at it and take you to an apps page.

Limited features/functionality: This is a big issues, too many smart watches have limits on what functionality they actually have. There needs to be notice ahead of launch with a good understanding of the hardware so that app developers can create great apps for the device. Bad, limited, or no apps will kill a devices chances quickly.

iWatch Solution: Apple will announce, show off some strategic partnerships, and give developers the chance to have great apps pending before release. Unlike other smart watches that lockdown there devices and make it tough to develop for them. In fact some of the features in iOS7 make it very likely that some of those features are already here, such the enhancement of Bluetooth.

Limited Compatibility: Many of these smart watches do not work without a smart phone and when they do they need a specific smartphone to work.

iWatch Solution: Apple has done a great thing with its products, there are no barriers for entry on any of its hardware. If you own a iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, or not you can buy single one of those products and have it work just fine. Yes you get more perks by owning all three however you can use just one without the other. The iWatch will be the same, its own independent device that is enhanced when connected to another Apple product but not a requirement. Bluetooth and WiFi will make it compatible for connections expanding the market, however you will not need an always connected phone to make it worth wild.

Summary of the iWatch, the iWatch is a super sleek stylish watch that supports:

·         Bluetooth, wifi, 4g LTE

·         Front facing camera

·         State of the art low energy processor

·         Device to Device connectivity

·         Ruby Glass for durability

·         No battery or recharging needed

·         Expanded capabilities without the reliance of a smartphone

·         Greater functionality with a larger app store

·         Sensors that monitor your movements and possibly your heart rate

·         Second screen functionality

·         Screen goes all the way around the wrist with a curved display

If Apple wishes to be truly revolutionary then sadly the iWatch may be farther away than people realize. Every apple product has largely been leaked well in advance with people getting plenty of ideas of what the product will probably look like well before launch.  The closer to launch the more leaks. However you’ll notice there have been no prototype or production leaks yet of the iWatch, at least not any that we can put any merit into. Although the iWatch may be announced in June is highly more likely that it is announced in September of next year (2014) or possibly the following June 2015. With Apple, we have company that was once known for its innovation however now is associated more with fashion and a status symbol. That in the long run is probably a good thing, as it is the real reason we’ll eventually see an iWatch.


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