Mobile App Marketing: How to Market Your Mobile App

Why Mobile and Why Mobile Marketing?

More and more businesses are electing to have Mobile Apps developed on their behalf today because it is becoming increasingly obvious how fast Mobile is growing and the enormous potential it represents in regards to generating more business. But simply having a Mobile App is not enough. The App itself must be properly marketed so that it can actually realize its proper potential. To do this, AB Mobile Apps first of all completes your App with the necessary features of App Discovery to ensure that it can be easily found under its relevant product/service categories, and also in as prominent position as may be available for it therein. Then because of our powerful marketing focus, we also provide several services together with the actual design and development of your Mobile App  to fully support your effectively marketing your App. Our ability to provide this kind of real support is the reason behind the success of such Mobile Apps that we have developed as “Ask A Lawyer,” which was downloaded 500 times by the need of its very first day on the Android Marketplace! 

Want to know How to market your mobile app?


The first thing is to be sure your Mobile App does something that your clients/customers want. And in this regard, you should be aware of the ‘3-click rule.’ The expectation with Mobile is extreme ease, immediacy and convenience of use. This translates into consumers expecting to be able to get the information they are seeking within 3 actions, or ‘clicks,’ on their screen. A properly designed and built Mobile app should allow for exactly this. At the same time, clumsy App development results in consumer frustration and disinterest, that translates into your App failing to command much of its market share, and in fact being ultimately rejected in favor of a superior alternative that may be produced later by a competitor.
When your App fulfills this most basic criterion of satisfying your market’s interests and needs, it is set to earn and/or save your business as well as your customers a lot of time and money. Because of this simple fact, Mobile Applications are in use in almost every industry today, both in B.-to-B. and B.-to-C. 


Make sure your App is available to the widest selection of markets. This includes making sure your App will work on Tablets and other hyper convenient mobile devices as well as Smartphones. The difficulty of making a custom cross platform mobile application is that it requires multiple versions to ensure that it really does work across the broad range of platforms, especially in regards to Google. And this demands your using a truly skilled developer with established expertise in building successful cross platform Apps whose across-the-board functionality is evidenced by the strikingly large number of downloads they prompt. 


This is an essential part of making a mobile application. Thousands of people have made Mobile Apps only to have them fail due to the developers not being actually versed in App Discovery. Without App Discovery, it is very hard for consumers to be able to find a particular Mobile App, perhaps even when they are searching for it by its exact name! In contrast, AB Mobile Apps is not only recognized as one of the top custom cross platform Mobile App development companies in the world, we are also a Mobile App marketing company, properly supported by our expertise in providing our Mobile Apps with fully competent App Discovery. As a result the Mobile Apps we develop are both easily found and highly placed.


At the same time your Mobile App is launched, it is also very important that it is properly marketed, so as to achieve the maximum return on your investment. AB Mobile Apps helps with this in various ways, including our creating a single QR code for any mobile device to be able to download your Mobile Application (according to whether your App is suited for Android or Apple or both). This a huge benefit to people as it allows only for one QR code to market your mobile application. At the same time, AB Mobile Apps also releases press releases to hundreds of news organizations helping promote your mobile application as a part of our marketing strategy. The power of this cannot be underestimated – there is a very large population continually tracking the app marketplaces for new Apps that relate to their specific interests. As one example of this, we recently developed a new form of flowchart App utilizing specific breakthrough Mobile technologies that we developed specifically for the App in question (and for which we have patents pending). We then uploaded it for testing purposes only for but a single day, and in ‘beta’ form. As a completely unintended and unexpected result of this, the App received over 60 enquiries from engineers around the country who were knocked out by the new Mobile technology we had built into this App, even though we had not yet officially uploaded the App to the Marketplace – needless to say, the company that commissioned the development of this App were delighted! 


Following the initial successful development and marketing of your Mobile App, you will want to develop a plan for long-term upgrades and promotion of your Mobile Apps to ensure its continued relevance as well as to refine its features and functions to keep pace with new needs as well as developments in the basic Mobile technologies available. While you may not know today precisely what tomorrow’s needs in these regards will be, it is essential you’re your Mobile App has the possibility of ongoing adaptation and development. This means that it must be a properly custom-built App, where the developer can assure you that they can indeed refine and add new features to your App as the needs may arise. In this regard you should know that a template App does not offer such flexibility, so that any improvements basically necessitate a scrapping of the previous App and starting all over – which of course is a very wasteful and expensive proposition, as well as being very limiting. To ensure the maximum potential of your Mobile App investment, contact AB Mobile Apps today. Call AB Mobile Apps at (269) 532-1500 or email us at