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On October 18, 2013
Last modified:November 11, 2013


Why Mobile Commerce or Mcommerce?

mobile retail and mcommerce for mobile commerce Mcommerce or Mobile Commerce represents the evolution of ecommerce for businesses as ecommerce become m-commerce. More and more people browse, buy, make payments, physical good purchases, digital good purchases, and use mobile as a source for money management. Everyone is going mobile, your customers already are.

·         By 2016 the amount of money people spend on mobile will almost triple going from $38 Billion to $86 Billion. (Source: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/More-Shoppers-Reach-Mobile-Browse-Buy/1009615)

·         Mobile payments are the fastest growing method of payment, with companies like Starbucks fully embracing the mcommerce revolution.

·         38% of all internet retail shopping was from a mobile device, and over 40% all internet time was spent on a mobile device. This is growing rapidly as the mcommerce iceburg is just starting to hit. (Source: http://marketingland.com/report-nearly-40-percent-of-internet-time-now-on-mobile-devices-34639)

The important questions are: What does mcommerce mean for you? Where are the opportunities in mobile commerce? What are the pitfalls of mobile commerce? How to go Mobile with Mobile Commerce, creating and effective mobile app?

Mcommerce for Business

M-commerce or mobile commerce for businesses means a second shot at taking control of their electronic presence. Mcommerce is important for not only retail as they seek to create custom retail apps but every business. If done right you can win your sector, keep loyal customers, gain on the competition, increase purchase frequency, increase cart sizes, and make more money. You do this by creating an easy simply environment in which people want to shop at your mobile store front. Amazon, Google, and even Facebook have turned the mobile nay sayers into believers as all three set record profits due to mobile.

Mcommerce, Mobile Commerce, m-commerce year over year dollar growth for custom mobile applications and retail mobile appsAre you the mcommerce opportunist?

Mobile is a rapidly expanding space, with new entrants all the time and many businesses going out of business as they become obsolete.  This means two things, you can either create a large business opportunity on mobile or you can risk playing catch up on mobile which could endanger your company. Look at your sector, and remember 81% of businesses are looking at creating a mobile app in the next 12 months, if there is not current a mobile commerce app in your field now is the time to strike before it is too late.

The pitfalls of Mcommerce/Mobile Commerce

In today’s world you must do it right or not do it all. If you are going to make a mobile app for mcommerce you need to make sure it good. Even larger companies can make some pretty awful apps such as: Kohls, Dick’s Sporting goods, and countless others. However you can easily avoid these mistakes by simply making sure you are not making some of the most common mistakes:

1)      Linking a product to the online store and making people go online to buy it

a.       People hate this and will simply stop using your app, mobile is an action engine, people want to buy your product now. DO NOT GET IN THERE WAY!

2)      Sync the Website and Mobile information, and make sure your website is m-commerce optimized.

a.       There is nothing worse than dealing with a website that does not function well on mobile. You need to make sure your website is responsive and easy to use if you want to take your ecommerce strategy and expand it into mobile ecommerce.

b.      You need to make sure all the data on both your ecommerce site and your mcommerce sites and apps sync up easily.

3)      DO NOT GO “CHEAP”!

a.       There is no such thing as a “cheap” solution in mobile. A cheap solution will cost you money in lost sales, poorly done backends, bad apps, and lost customers.

4)      Think about the user first

a.       Make the app easy to use and get user feedback, not just the feedback of your managers. Testing is important.

How to create a custom mcommerce experience: creating a mcommerce app

When you make an ecommerce mobile app or start an m-commerce strategy several things are very important to remember. What platforms are your users on? What are you planning on selling? How can you make the purchase process easier? What kind of payment method are you requiring? How is your backend built? What kind of scale can you handle? What kind of tested user interface are you going to use? What is the type of UX or user experience do you want to provide.

These are all very complicated are hard questions to answer. Luckily AB Mobile Apps can help you with this and all of your mcommerce questions. Simply Call 1-866-882-2711 or email info@abmobileapps.com to schedule a consult today and get the answers to your questions, avoiding the high cost of not knowing, your competitors and customers are mobile ARE YOU? 

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