Michigan Mobile Application Development

Creating a Mobile Appilcation in Michigan

Do you want to make an application that barely works or do you want to make an application that will grow business and give you a competitive advantage?  If you want to impress your customers and competition then AB Mobile Apps is the mobile application development company for you.

In today’s world mobile application are a must for Businesses. Most businesses though have to consider the costs of outsourcing mobile application development to another country or do it with-in the United States.  Being located in Michigan, AB Mobile Apps has a competitive advantage over other app development firms as the lower cost of living and high tech focus allows AB Mobile Apps to recruit some of the most talented developers however the cost is only 1/4th what it would be in a city such as L.A., Chicago, or Seattle. Which mean creating an application in Michigan is cheaper and better for most businesses. Indeed, AB Mobile Apps has won several awards and considered the foremost expert in mobile application marketing and development in the Midwest. Being located in the United States means businesses can deal with someone who understands their needs and can communicate with them effectively.

Why you need to Develope a Mobile Appilcation in Michigan 

The mobile app industry is a dynamic and fast growing marketplace. It has grown to $20 billion in only four years and is projected to top $100 billion by 2015. While the emergence of mobile apps has revolutionized the software industry, the rising demand for mobile and phone app technology is helping spur new economic development in Michigan.

The State of Michigan is home to many firms involved in the development of applications of all types.  In fact, Michigan firms have quietly taken a national leadership position in the industry. AB Mobile Apps for instance is one of select few firms world wide that can effectively SEO a mobile application which means we put a focus on a mobile application generating money and a high ROI for a client.

As a mobile application development firm based in Michigan, AB Mobile Apps knows how important it that can be a quality application that works and can easily demonstrate its value for a business. Michigan offers the highest quality app developing in the country and is in a position to sell those apps to businesses/customers at cheaper prices than companies in New York, LA, or Seattle.  Michigan can do this because of its central location, number of colleges/universities training in app development and competition of some of the highest ranking mobile developers.

Michigan’s government has even reached out into the mobile app world.  Michigan’s state website receives over 4.5 million visitors via use of cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other mobile devices to access online services.  In answer to this increasing demand, Michigan has launched a new mobile version of the State web portal, mobile.mi.gov. 

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If you’re a business looking to develop a Mobile Application, you’ll want to develop a mobile application in Michigan and you will want to develop with AB Mobile Apps.  Contact AB Mobile Apps today by calling (269) 532- 1500, or my emailing us at info@abmobileapps.com.