Mobile App Development: Begin Your New Mobile Application

The Booming Industry of Mobile Application Development

Mobile App development and app developers have quickly been recognized as the next frontier for businesses to stay ahead of their competition in terms of marketing and reach. With over 50% of mobile phone users now equipped with smart phones, and over 700,000 mobile apps available across the market, a mobile app for your business is becoming a keystone feature in the marketing world. And those companies creating a cross platform app have the largest reach to consumers as well as the greatest potential for success.

Mobile apps are available within all platforms of mobile devices, Apple iOS, Android OS, and Blackberry's RIM all have their own markets to allow app developers to present their products to consumers. All the platforms have their own pros and cons, and to take advantage of all of the operating systems available a cross platform app is a great alternative to choosing one market. Cross platform apps have the ability to be sold for Android OS devices, iOS devices, RIM devices, and more. The development of a cross platform app takes significantly more work but the target market that can be reached expands greatly. Instead of the app developers creating an app for a limited market, a new app can be created and marketed for the Android OS, iOS, and RIM. AB Mobile Apps has the team of developers to create cross-platform applications or choose exactly which markets you would like to make your app available, call us today to start developing your new mobile app!

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile App developers have the ability to design, create, and make available new mobile apps on all platforms of smart phone operating systems. This allows your clients and prospects to stay in constant communication with your business, creating increased customer loyalty. The small business world is reported to have 69% of business owners believing that the use of mobile marketing is crucial to their growth over the next five years. Of all the small businesses with mobile marketing presence, over 84% of them are seeing an increase in business activity so far, and that number is growing. The top three motivations for businesses to use mobile apps are to provide better service to clients, attract more local customers, and to gain the competitive advantage in their industries. The platform in which your app is available for download is incredibly important as well, and since there are multiple platforms in contention for the largest pieces of the industry, a cross platform app is clearly the best route to take. To remain in contention with your competition you must consider implementing mobile apps into your marketing plan. AB Mobile Apps can guide you through the development process and with the help of our highly qualified app developers will create your app whether it be for the Android OS, iOS, or Blackberry OS. Most importantly instead of only marketing your app for one platform, like the Android OS, AB Mobile apps can create your unique cross platform app today!