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Mobile application costs; quoting your business application development

Mobile Application Average Market Cost

Costs of mobile applications and getting an estimate or quote for a mobile app.

The phrase ‘mobile app’ or “mobile application” can cover a vast array of features and functions and platforms. As such, the possible price-range is also very great. Just like buying a car you get what you pay for, the more information your armed with when getting a quote the better the deal you’re going to get. Imagine asking a car-dealer how much a car costs without telling them what kind of car, how many miles, what year, the make, and the condition – they’re going to need a lot more specific detail in order to answer your question. After all, there’s a lot of difference between an old and abused Dodge, and a spanking new Maserati sports car! 

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Getting started on a quote for a business application

So you need to have an idea, first of all, of what you want the App to do. Start with some basic questions:

  • What are its primary purposes and functions?
  • What kind of features do you envision it as needing so as to accomplish these functions, and also to properly engage the attention and interest of your target market?
  • Do you require it to be available on all major platforms (Android, Apple, Windows 8), and on smartphones, tablets, and touch computers?
  • Is your App intended for ‘in-house’ use, to be used only by specific groups of employees or representatives?
    • Could you issue the app with a single device and thus only require the App to be built for that one platform?

The more specific you can be in answering these questions, the more specific quotes can be on prices for your development.

The cost of a Mobile Application

Due to mobile developer shortages and constant changing of the market the average price of a mobile application per platform has consistently gone up per platform. This is because although individual features have gotten less expensive to develop there are more platforms to develop on and a higher demand in the market place with not enough supply. For example; iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Android, and various other operating systems are all examples of individual different operating systems. Be sure to understand the distinctions between Custom and Template Apps. Each type of app will have different types of costs associated with each.

Mobile Application Development Costs

Demand for mobile application developers







Cost for mobile application capabilities and features

Custom applications can do almost anything you can think of. They have no limits in terms of features and long term upgrades. They work on as many devices as you want or allow the development company to test for. The main downside is time, custom applications usually take longer to build just like a custom home would take longer to build.

Template applications usually come with a standard set of capabilities. This is because they were built with-in a framework that you’re almost cloning over and over again. The downsides are that if you have unique feature not in a template then you cannot get that feature. Also if you ever want to add that unique feature in the future you cannot get it without starting all over again. (We had many clients start with a template only to have to start all over again when moving to custom.) Template applications usually have compatibility issues on devices and platforms resulting in less people that can use your mobile application. Lastly; all major platforms hate having repeats of the same mobile applications and if you do not make unique enough there is a high likelihood of it not being accepted on the platforms app store, which means you just developed a app that no one can really download.

Monthly and initial costs of a mobile app:

Template mobile apps usually have a less upfront cost however there is many tradeoffs for that lower upfront cost. Starting with a monthly fee, custom apps built by honest professional companies usually do not have a monthly fee, unless there is some continual monthly work that needs to be performed however this is very rare for most custom application.  If you build the application correctly the first time around there should be no need except for minor platform updates. The main downside of a custom application though is larger initial investment required. However what this means is unless your small business looking for less than 50 customers the tradeoffs of a getting a template application are usually just not worth it.

Opportunity Costs of a Mobile Application

Having a successful mobile application can allow you take on any business of any shape and size. You just need to innovative and be able to be found. That means you need a application that is different and has app discovery (SEO). This is where template apps are much more costly, they also provide far less, especially in terms of proactive marketing power, as a result, they frequently attract an almost irrelevantly small number of downloads (less than 50 total downloads). Whereas a good custom mobile application with research done and with proper marketing can easily land you into the top 10% of all mobile applications. This is where price becomes the most relevant because if you paid only $100 a month for an application achieved 27 downloads and did not make your money back then the app costs you $100 a month. However if you had gone custom and let’s say paid something extremely high like $500,000 however you received 10 million downloads then the price is irrelevant. Obviously that is an extreme on both cost and downloads but you see the point, you get what you pay for.

Costs of building a mobile application with a developer

The majority of mobile App developers have experience in building less than 5 fully custom apps with mixed results. App developers will claim to have 15 years of experience and hundreds of applications however please remember that the iPhone did not come out until 2007 and the app store did not open till 2008, you do the math from that date to today, if an app developer claims to have more experience than that many years you should highly doubt there skills. Make sure you determine they actually provide what you are offering.

Costs of working with AB Mobile Apps, and Why you want to!

AB Mobile Apps has a unique record of not only having successfully developed dozens of unique custom cross-platform mobile Applications, but having produced many such Apps that are #1 I their respective categories. This is truly a rare achievement in the world of mobile App development. Since our focus has been to help businesses we have a  unique business and one of a kind development models, while our home-base is in the mid-West, our pricing structure is far more affordable the similar top-tier mobile App development companies that share our level of expertise. AB Mobile Apps is one the best mobile application development companies for business in today’s market.

So don’t delay: contact AB Mobile Apps at (269) 532-1500, or email us at info@ABMobileApps.com and request a free quote or advice regarding your ideas.



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