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Mobile Application Design

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On June 1, 2014
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Mobile Application Design

The majority of mobile applications suffer from bad design, especially cross platform mobile application. Good cross platform design such as the Google Play Music app is key to a successful application. Bad mobile design can lead to a very low adoption and poor experiences. Companies of all sizes though can make bad cross platform UI design, a look at the differences between the Yahoo Finance apps shows this all too clearly. The iOS app is beautiful and easy to use while the Android version is a nightmare. When looking to build a mobile application, whether or a massive company or small individual, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of a cross platform mobile application matters. AB Mobile Apps spends thousands of hours on almost every app we work on to make sure the UI and UX is right for every application we build, providing feedback along the way to all of our clients so they can have a perfect app for them. Making us a leading expert in UI and UX design for cross platform mobile applications.

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Adaptive Mobile Application Design

Adaptive Mobile Application Design is a design process very few companies implement due to difficulty and one AB Mobile Apps specializes in. It is the process is automatically adapting your design to the device based on platform, screen size, resolution, and orientation. For example, Buy Local! Changes aspect, graphics, and layout based upon all of these variables. The reason adaptive design is so important for mobile application design is because in today’s world the ever a varying greater ranges of specs on mobile devices. Not building a great adaptive design can cause a app to miss out on usages, downloads, and gain unfavorable reviews. Contact AB Mobile Apps today to see how we help you create an adaptive mobile application.

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Mobile application UI design & development

UI or user interface is literally what a person sees when they look at your app. Mobile app design companies need to get greater feedback on their mobile app design UI before going into production and development. A key to mobile app ui design is to make sure the application is visually appealing and easy to understand. Colors can be a great way of communicating a message by creating separations or conveying an unspoken message. A good mobile application UI design should be original and instantly recognizable to a user, no matter what a platform the user is on. At the bottom of this page we show this principle with our Buy Local! App which uses colors to separate buttons and convey a message about each section the user might be clicking on. When it is your brand on the line you need to make sure you do not devalue it with a poor UI, AB Mobile Apps can help you with mobile application ui development and design consulting.

Mobile application UX development and design

UX or User Experience is everything a user experiences when interacting with a mobile app. This could be transitions, the number of button presses to accomplish a goal, or even an app crashes. User experiences should be tested thoroughly when focusing on mobile application ux development and design, as this is one of the key factors in people recommending a mobile app and continually using the application.  A trick to remember for good mobile application ux development and design is to always try and make sure whatever the purpose of the application is, that a user can accomplish it quickly and with only a few touches if any at all. AB Mobile Apps can go through thousands of UX concepts on any individual mobile application ux development and design projects as we strive to deliver the best recommendations to our clients.

Cross Platform Mobile App Design and Development

Creating, designing, and developing a cross platform mobile application is a very different process then a single platform. You have to keep in mind many platform and device specifics, such as the back button and how each user expects to interact with an app. First you must decide if your app is truly a cross platform app or is it better as a tool. The difference between these distinctions is that a tool is better suited to be completely platform specific whereas a branded cross platform app needs to develop a unique UI and UX. For example, Yahoo as brand needs to make sure it is deliver a consistent quality experience on both platforms such as Buy Local!, by not doing so it is damaging the Yahoo brand and creating confusion in the market place.    AB Mobile Apps is one of the only companies that truly specializes in cross platform design, so that brand value is maximized with an amazing UI and UX experience.

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AB Mobile Apps, a custom application design company, wants to help you with your next project.  call AB Mobile Apps at 1-(866) 882-2711 or email us at info@abmobileapps.com

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