Mobile Application Development Companies: Helping Create Your Mobile App

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile application development has really taken off with millions of mobile applications for mobile devices available today, mobile application development companies are looking to capitalize upon the opportunity to make millions in mobile. However like any new industry there are many good and bad things you need to watch out for when looking to create or develop a mobile application through a mobile application development company.

What to look for when choosing a Mobile Application Development Company:

  • Look at some of their apps and make sure majority of their applications have more than 50 downloads.  

With the average amount of downloads for most applications being less than 50 you want to make sure your working with a mobile application development company that does more than just spam mobile application.

  • Make sure the mobile application company is not using a template.

For more reasons why not to use a template app click here and read custom vs template mobile application development.

  • Make sure you can do long term upgrades on your custom mobile app

Many mobile application development companies create mobile applications that are closed off and cannot allow for long term upgrade and can run into compatibility issues.

  • Work with a mobile application development company that has your best interest in mind.

Many mobile application development companies are a volume based business that just seeks to create an application and move on to the next one while collecting maintenance fees for the previous one. It is important to work with a mobile application company that will work with you helping generate ideas that fit with-in your budget and will allow for the application to have the greatest value to your target market. AB Mobile Apps for instance is one of the best mobile application development companies because we keep our clients in mind and thrive off refferrals, just as a client will grow their business through customer referrals.

  • Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Company

One of the most powerful tools in the hands of developers is the ability to create cross platform applications. Cross platform means that mobile applications can be made available for consumers on more than one type of operating system and a variety of mobile devices. Currently each platform has its own marketplace for downloading mobile applications, the marketplaces leading the way are the Blackberry App world, Apple's app store, Windows 8 Store, and the Google Play Android App Store. Each of these markets has their advantages and disadvantages when considering where you wish to market your new application for a target range of mobile devices. When working with a mobile application development company make sure they can build you a truly cross platform mobile application.

The current state of Mobile Application Development for Companies

Mobile application development companies are creating teams  to continue the increasing numbers of apps available. Developers must be trained in the various languages that the variety of smart phone and tablet producers use, and have the ability to take an idea for an app and create useful applications for your mobile devices.

Not only are the developers of these apps essential, but also consultants who can translate a business’ idea into a worthwhile app. With 69% of the small business owners believing that mobile marketing is necessary for growth over the next five years, consultants and developers have teamed up to create development companies. AB Mobile Apps has the team of developers to take your idea for an app and create a unique mobile application for any platform. We use a different style of development that’s sets us apart from other mobile application development companies.

If you have any questions or need anything contact  AB Mobile Apps today at (269) 532-1500 or email us at and have a great day.