Mobile Application Development Outsourcing

Mobile Application Development Outsourcing:

If you are an IT developer or just a business looking to get a mobile application developed, you already know that without question there is a huge interest in Mobile Application Development. With the introduction of Windows 8 into the marketplace in general, the interest and demand of cross-platform mobile apps is expected to explode even more than what it already has.

Even if your company specializes in website building, design, or marketing you are probably scratching your head when it comes to mobile applications. AB Mobile Apps can help you through the confusion.  Are you finding that:

  • You are fielding a growing number of requests for custom-built Mobile Apps designed to meet the unique needs and natures of your individual clients.
  • It is allot harder then it initially appeared.
  • All the different mobile variations have caused it to be almost impossible for you to develop a mobile application in-house.

The simple fact is: there is a very small supply of competent developers as far as Mobile Code is concerned. There are perhaps 20 companies nationwide that are truly qualified to custom-build cross-platform Mobile Apps from the ground up and SEO those mobile applications, that will also be compatible with the huge spectrum of Android, iOS, and other mobile devices on the market. One of the hardest things in creating a mobile application is making it so that you can find it in search engines.  However doing so takes allot of experience and you must be will also be properly invested with ‘App Discovery’ (i.e. Search Engine Optimization for Mobile Apps).

AB Mobile Apps is one of this elite group of companies; but what sets AB Mobile Apps apart from the rest is that:

  • Our focus is on small businesses, whereby we have developed a unique business model that allows us to charge way below basic market rates.
  • As a result, AB Mobile Apps has become the 3rd party provider of choice for so many IT development companies around the nation who have clients of their own searching for properly custom-built Mobile Apps.
  • Furthermore, AB Mobile Apps has an unusually large team of Mobile code specialists on hand to build your Mobile App in record time. We recently completed the beta version of a complex ‘flowchart’ App (and for which we developed several breakthrough mobile coding innovations now awaiting patents) in 24 days … and for which an alternate Mobile App builder had estimated would take between 9 and 12 months, ‘if they rushed it.’

AB Mobile Apps has both the singular expertise in designing Mobile Apps from the ground up, and in creating coding breakthroughs to facilitate original features and functionalities, as well as a business model to make it realistic and profitable for your company to outsource your own clients’ needs for custom-built cross-platform Mobile Apps.

Contact AB Mobile Apps now to discuss your project and secure your own clients’ full satisfaction. Email us at or just call (866) 882-2711.