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Mobile Application Development, Creating mobile apps for Small Businesses

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On December 10, 2012
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Mobile Application Development for Small Businesses

In today’s fast pace world everyone is fighting for small business dollars and owners are more confused than ever.  They need and want to know where to invest their money. Mobile is a key place to start. In recent studies it has been proven over 70% of smartphone owners use their phones to help make a purchase. In addition 74% of smartphone users act upon a search with-in a hour compared to a month with a desktop. Mobile is an action engine and with an average return on investment of $1.67 for every $1 spent. Going mobile is a need and no longer a want.  Mobile app usage is quickly on its way to surpass even TV.

Mobile App growth and Usage Out Pacing Tv watchingWe have spoken before about strategies and ideas for creating an effective mobile app for small business mobile application development.  Such as:

Custom Vs Template Mobile Application

Why Businesses Need Mobile Applications

Developing a Custom Built Mobile Application for Small Businesses

Focusing on Mobile Application Development for Small Businesses

In order to fully capitalize on the on a mobile marketing plan small businesses need a mobile application. If your business is extremely small and you maximize your potential at about 20 customers then mobile is not for you. Before going mobile you need to make sure you can handle the growth that mobile brings to most business. Mobile application development is only for small businesses and individuals looking for rapid growth in an opportunistic market. 81% of businesses want to, looking at, or going to develop a mobile application. Your customers and competition are mobile are you?

How to develop a mobile application for a business?

If you have been following us you know already that the consumers come first. You need to think about how consumers and clients will use your mobile applications. Consumers and clients matter most first, without a good consumer or user interface your app can fail before it even begins. Next, make sure you provide features people value. These features could be information that makes working easier, past purchases, or the ability to make a purchase. You are only limited by your imagination. The key though is making sure your developing the right mobile application for your business. AB Mobile Apps helps businesses by walking through the process with professional consultants. We help you formulate your idea and then we develop your idea for any platform you want.


AB Mobile Apps, A Mobile App Developer for Small Businesses

AB Mobile Apps makes sure that every app that is built focuses on generating significant ROI for our clients and allows for long term upgrades. Without a significant build structure many applications can suffer. You need a good custom build to make sure your mobile application can meet the needs and demands of your business as both your business and your mobile application grows. 


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