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Mobile Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

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On December 10, 2012
Last modified:December 10, 2012


Which one is right for your small business?

For the past few years businesses have been bombarded by the growing trends in the marketing industry. A quick look at the marketing news section on google will show that news organizations and marketing companies push social media. However is social media right for business? With mobile taking over and becoming a part of our everyday lives where should businesses spend their time? To get started let’s cover the pros and cons of each.

Mobile Marketing or Socila Media Marketing Growth


Social media marketing pros:

  • Great a communicating a message
  • Achieve multiple impressions of your brand
  • Allows for greater verbal and written engagement by clients of customers (this is only a pro if you’re a good company, because if you are a bad company word will spread fast)
  • Helps your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media involvement and Usage

Social media marketing cons:

  • Poor ROI (Return on Investment) when measured by clicks (0% referral from Twitter this year, down from last year)
  • Cost of Campaigns
  • Likelihood of a social media campaign back firing (A good recent example of this is Microsoft with #DroidRage)
  • Every changing landscape
  • Constant Management

Mobile marketing pros:

  • Rapid Growth; Mobile usage has surpassed internet usage and is quickly on its way to surpass TV usage.
  • Great ROI; With an Average of ROI of $1.67 for every $1 spent on mobile.
  • Action Engine; Over 70% of smartphone users use their phones to phones to make a purchase and act upon it with-in 1 hr compared to 1 month for regular desktop users.
  • Can streamline operations and improve customer connectivity (FAB had over 30% of there holiday sales come from a mobile application, and Ebay has largely shifted to mobile)
  • Increases brand value
  • Increasing click through rates

Mobile marketing cons:

  • Can be expensive to do it right
  • Complicated
  • It is not a website, you need unique features
  • Many people have smartphones, not everyone
  • Mobile SEO (If you’re creating a mobile application you need application discovery without it you are almost certain to fail, very few firms can do this, obviously we recommend ABmobileapps.com)

Mobile or Social Media Marketing?

Emerging mobile and social media marketing tactics

After reviewing the pros and cons of social media marketing and mobile marketing do you know the answer of what your business should choose? It’s both! The key is not which to use, it is how you should use it. Social media needs be to be utilized a communication platform for getting a message out and increasing your brand awareness.  DO NOT invest in social media as an advertising platform.  Focus in instead on making organic connection while inviting more people to join your conversation. If you do advertise on social media expect it to be an exercise in brand awareness and do not expect too many direct results.

Advertising on mobile is a different story altogether. If you can handle the growth mobile is an all in approach. Advertising on mobile though needs to be catered to a mobile experience. With Limited screen space you should make sure mobile ads are pointing to a mobile application so that you can continue to interact with someone even after a mobile ad has long disappeared. The only time it should not point to a mobile application is one is searching something along the lines of “Local restaurant” where they are looking to buy right now. Creating a mobile application means thinking about what your customers, clients, and employees want.  A mobile app needs to be an action engine that allows its users to perform a need or want. That could be lead tracking, gathering information, designing a product, or facilitating a purchase.  In order to make the choice and insure your ROI and your success it is highly recommended you talk to the right consultant. Talk to a consultant that is going to ask you questions and is willing to say no because you do not want to be sold on something that is not going to work. In order for your marketing strategy to work you should test out your ideas and work with your development company, employees, clients, and customers.

No matter what you do you need to make sure you have a plan that integrates your marketing strategies while providing customers what they want.




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