Mobile vs Web: Why You Need More Than Just A Website

From your website, to your mobile website…to your App?

Right now its "all aboard or see you later" because technology moves fast…very fast. Just last year…if your business or organization had a nice website, maybe some expert optimization and a creative domain…you were probably happy with it because you could hold on to your current market base and continue growing simultaneously.

If you haven’t thought carefully about your mobile development strategy, you need to assemble a team of crackerjack designers and developers to help get you up to speed, or risk losing a large proportion of the user base. A few months ago, you might have thought about designing a web app, but you should know that’s not always necessary. The truth is that today the vast majority of smart phones are already encoded to read your website. Today it is all too common see some high school kid offering up a web app (your website written to be compatible with smart phones) with some insanely great price…remember this adage "Price is only a factor in the absence of value". You might just be comparing apples to oranges and seeing the result translated into a price tag. Mobile websites or “Web apps” are usually not necessary these days and don’t offer much new, other than a version of your webpage optimized AGAIN for mobile phones (which may not even be necessary), which only has value if your website is older. AB Mobile Apps has the staff to help bring your website back into the race to stay relevent in your industry!

Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile Apps are more than just a mobile version of your website; they are an exclusive, live link from the user's 2nd brain (their phone) directly to your cash registers. Mobil Apps are not only for the young these days. Consider the most popular technology in American’s over forty are iPhones and iPads. Think of one of our customers, do they carry a mobile phone? Do you have competitors who would like your customers to buy from them? Mobile Apps offer unique features, unparalleled loyalty, and protect users from the threat of viruses or other problems associated with websites. Additionally, we can’t forget that mobile apps leverage your prospects interest in their smart phone and translate that into interest in your product or service with relative ease. Still not convinced, look at the industry forecast, Windows 8, which releases in the summer/fall of 2012 will utilize a platform called tiles which moves your PC experience to a mobile app interface.