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Radon Mitigation

Review of: Radon Mitigation
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On May 12, 2014
Last modified:May 13, 2014


Radon Mitigation

As the internet of things grows and devices become more connected processes like radon mitigation will be transformed and mobile apps will become the lynch pin our lives that connect it all. Radon Mitigation, which is a process of mitigating radon gas, is very important in terms of impact on a person’s health. Radon mitigation is highly recommended by the EPA and Surgeon General for the potential health effects it can have on a person. Before implementing a radon mitigation strategy a person needs to conduct a radon mitigation test.  This is where the internet of things and mobile comes into play.

Radon Mitigation and the Internet of things with a Mobile Interface

Radon testing and radon mitigation systems someday will be connected to the internet of things and just like wearable’s need a mobile app as an interface so too will items such as radon mitigation systems and testers will need a mobile app as part of the household systems. Radon tests are currently not commonly done in many areas of the world, building a cheap simple radon test that syncs with a smartphone and saves results can help saves.  Almost every device connected to the internet of things will need a mobile interface. This is why manufacturers needs to think about the products they developing and how to incorporate mobile applications. With radon mitigation this can be done in several key ways, however there is a very important question to ask. Why radon mitigation, and how?

Why Radon Mitigation:

Radon MitigationThere are between 15,000-22,000 lung cancer deaths in the US as a result of radon gas that could have been prevented with radon mitigation. Radon gas can also have a very negative effect on pregnant woman. Ventilation is very important to help combat Radon gas, however knowledge of how radon mitigation works is one of the best tools. Understanding the systems can help you make sure you are taking the right precautions when it comes to radon mitigations.

Radon Mitigation and Technology

Soon with the internet of things and using mobile apps as an interface people will be able to receive alerts whenever radon levels exceed the recommended levels. This will let you when should think about changing you radon mitigation strategy and possibly replacing you radon mitigation system. A radon mitigation mobile application will be a must as it will help save lives and alert people to the dangers in their home.  This test and system will expand over time though and people soon will be able to alerts for other deadly gases as well. This way you can turn off that burning stove and get an alert if there is a fire.

Radon Mitigation Systems

Current radon mitigation systems are lacking in their ability to truly deliver a simple approach anyone can understand. It is important that we create new radon mitigation systems that are consumer friendly and connected. Radon tests needs to start taking advantage of current technology more by making tests cheaper and easier to use. A company needs to revolutionize the industry in the same Square changed the POS systems and process forever. Radon mitigation is a field that is shaping up a dramatic change as our world changes and becomes more connected. Radon mitigation is one area where the internet of things and the mobile application interface that goes along with it can stand to be revolutionized. Radon mitigation is one the unacknowledged killer and technology can help bring radon mitigation education into the mainstream while preventing thousands of deaths every year. 

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