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The mobile application market is one of the most booming areas of technological growth over the last five years, and companies are increasingly turning towards mobile applications for their newest marketing plans. Mobile applications have grown far from providing movie times or a simple game, now business owners from lawyers to doctors are creating mobile apps to provide the best possible customer service to their clients. Being able to send your family physician a quick question about your health, or scheduling an appointment to meet with your lawyer can be done on the go with the help of mobile apps.

Currently more than 50% of all mobile phone users choose to use a smart phone with mobile application abilities, and this market continues to increase. The major smart phone providers; Apple, Android, and Blackberry, have over 1,000,000,000 mobile applications available for smart phones and tablet devices, and this number continues to grow. With the help of a mobile app developer any company with the necessity for a mobile application can have one created quicker than ever before.

Web marketing has expanded beyond the necessity for a website, and now businesses must consider the mobile accessibility of their site for clients searching for them without sitting at a desk. With the necessity for mobile accessibility of a website comes the next step of instant accessibility of having your company’s logo or application icon one touch away from your client’s phone or tablet screen. For the competitive advantage in any industry, businesses must consider implementing a mobile application into their marketing plan now and in the future.

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