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Top Rated Mobile App Developers; How to pick the best Mobile Developer

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On October 16, 2013
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Top-Rated Mobile App Developers:

With the growing demand of mobile application, companies and individuals are seeking to work with top rated mobile app developers. When deciding upon a top rated mobile app developer you need to define what makes them a top rated mobile app developer. And why should you make certain that your App project will only be developed by a genuinely top-rated Mobile App developer, you want to work with the best.

What Makes Top Rated Mobile App Developers?

There are several things that make up top rated mobile app developers, such as confidentiality, of the many many apps AB Mobile Apps has built over 90% are confidential and private meaning everything they do is secure. However there are generally Five things really make a developer truly stand apart, something every developer can be graded upon with a small selection of apps being shown.

·         Downloads

·         Rankings

·         Ratings

·         Diversity

·         After Launch Support

Every industry has its star performers, whether we’re talking actors or race-cars or anything else. There are so very many contestants in each and every field, but all the attention and everything else that may go with that goes only to the winners, the outstanding performers.

The Downloads for Top Rated Mobile App Developers

In the field of Mobile Apps, it is important to note that less than 50% of all the Apps that are published receive more than 50 downloads; and in fact under 75% receive less than 1000 downloads. With 1000 being is a very paltry number. Granted this does depend upon your application though, if your business with a small clientele 1,000 could be astronomically high. By contrast, the “Recipes by Ingredients” App that was developed by AB Mobile Apps, received over a half-million downloads in barely more than its first 3 months. That is a serious statement of high-performance and shows AB Mobile Apps qualifies as a top rated

There are several criteria to identify whether any developer is a truly top-rated Mobile App developer or not, so that you can be confident that your project is in the hands of a company that has the skill-sets and the track-record to produce the kind of return your investment deserves.

Top Rated Mobile App Developers, created recipes by ingredients a top grossing mobile app

  App Rankings for Top Rated Mobile App Developers

 First of all, a top-rated Mobile App developer builds Apps that seriously grab the attention of the intended  market. AB Mobile Apps has several ranking Apps this year for 2013 alone – there is hardly another  custom Mobile App developer that has ever even built but one such ranking App. This alone would grant  AB Mobile Apps a position as a top-rated mobile app developer. For example Recipes By Ingredients,  Tucker App and GPS, Drink Mixer are all a Top Free app in there category and a top grossing.

 Ratings by Top Rated Mobile App Developers

 Meanwhile, volume of downloads alone is not enough. In order to have a ranked app people have to like  to like your app. With the majority of apps averaging between 2 and low 3 stars many developers just do  not understand what makes a good app. There must also be an accompanying overall high level of  favorable reviews, so that the App is rated around the high 3 star/ high 4 star range. This indicates that  the App also performs very well – it not only gains prominence in the vision of its intended market, but it  offers real value to them, and earns the praise and approval of the vast number of those who download it.  This is another indication of a top-rated Mobile App developer. Which is why AB Mobile Apps works so hard on all of its apps achieving a majority of a 4 star rating or higher on its apps, establishing themselves as the cream of the cream of top-rated Mobile App developers.

Diversity of Apps by Top Rated Mobile App Developers

Top rated mobile app developers need a diverse amount and type of mobile apps created. In the app world almost everything is new, which means you have to be innovative, if you are not the idea will not successful, work, or probably get completed. A diverse mobile app developer can enable and problem solve in the way many other developers simply cannot. AB Mobile Apps has the diverse experience of working on, with, and for a very large diverse client base.

Launch Support by Top Rated Mobile App Developers

Two skills in particular contribute to the spectacular success realized by the apps developed by AB Mobile Apps. The first is an uncommon facility with a rather esoteric aspect of custom Mobile App development known as ‘App Discovery,’ which is basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Apps, that alerts the Search Engine that an App has the most relevant and valuable information in response to the category-relevant searches people initiate on their devices.

That is a technical skill, and there are barely 20 companies that possess it to a meaningful degree so as to be able to invest their App with prominent visibility in the App market-place. The outstanding success of AB Mobile Apps’ Apps gives clear evidence as to their own high level of expertise in this area. But even less common among top-rated Mobile App developers is the foundation of high level market research and analysis that AB Mobile Apps also possesses whereby they can accurately identify the primary ways their intended markets actually search the mobile ‘web’ so as to then invest their Apps with the most relevant App Discovery. This very uncommon combination of skills – App Discovery plus advanced market research – instantly identifies AB Mobile Apps as one of the most elite top-rated Mobile App developers in the world.

Our apps generate interest, we get write ups, mentions, and recommendations on websites, newspapers, blogs, stores, and countless others. We build a viral nature into the apps we build to create the most successful apps popular. For example here are a few articles that highlight our apps:

Teacher App and Gradebook: http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/06/11/7-free-apps-for-keeping-parents-and-teachers-connected.aspx

Recipes By Ingredients: http://articles.courant.com/2013-04-27/business/hc-ls-recipes-app-20130427_1_app-review-peanut-butter-debra-d

Recommended App: http://warm1069.com/lifestyles/listener-recommended-apps

Choosing between the top rated mobile app developers

So how can you determine which companies are truly top-rated mobile App developers, fully capable of turning your Mobile App vision into a truly high-performing instrument that provides real return on the investment it represents? Go to the Google Store, ‘Google play,’ on your computer, and go to Applications. Then enter the name of any particular App or App development company you are researching, and when you click on any of their Apps you will see a screen with so much information including the number of downloads together with the number of reviews and how many of these were actually favorable and the overall rating, in terms of the number of stars given. Then you can see for yourself how well such Apps actually perform in their market, and whether the company in question is truly a top-rated Mobile App developer. Keep in mind everything listed above and you’ll be able to quickly see who you should work with.

Meanwhile, if you have any further questions about this or any other Mobile related topic, or you want to get a proposal/quote for your project from a verified top-rated mobile app developer, just contact us here at AB Mobile Apps, either by phone 1-866-882-2711 or email info@abmobileapps.com.

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