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Why Mobile Applications, and Why Businesses Need a Mobile App

Why Businesses are creating and using mobile applications:

Mobile Device and Smartphone Growth

On Christmas alone there were over 17 million smart device activations, up from 4 million the year before. FAB saw over 55% of all there sales come from their mobile app on Christmas.  Why mobile applications? In a nutshell, because the market, ie people and businesses in general, are mobile. If your business is not mobile and not thinking about going mobile then you’re already behind your competitors.  and if their competitors aren’t already mobile, they soon will be.  According to available statistics, over 80% of businesses today are actively looking into creating a Mobile Application within the next 12 months.

Why Mobile Apps for Business?

In today’s mobile world, there should be no question as to whether a business should have a Mobile App (i.e. its own proactive mobile presence) … only to when.  Would you ask whether your business should have a website, for example? Of course not – in today’s internet-based world, where almost everyone goes to the WorldWideWeb for answers and providers in response to whatever questions they may have, as well as to communicate whatever their own messages and services may be, the idea of a business not having its own website is silly! And yet, did you know that:

  • there are more mobile phones than PC’s, and 64% of mobile phone time is spent on Apps?
  • Customers use mobile Apps 6x more than websites?
  • On average people check their mobile phones over 150 times a day – that’s once every 6 minutes!?
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones to make purchasing decisions and over 50% of those users make some sort of purchase with-in 1 hour compared to 1 month on a desktop?
  • 85% of business owners have a smartphone and 73% of them use Apps on a daily basis?
  • Windows 8 is a mobile operating system – this is the new standard for OS’s – Microsoft is not giving anyone a choice – everything and everyone is being directed towards mobile

Why Mobile Apps, and Why your business needs a mobile application

Why Businesses want to build mobile applications before their competitors.

Your business needs to mobile application to stay competitive and in order to make sure your business is relevant to your market. A key thing to remember though is that people want different things from mobile applications. Some want a game, however most want a tool that will enable them to make a purchase or facilitate a service easier.

So the real question is – do you want to wait to try to catch this train until there’s hardly any seats left? Or do you want to try to reserve your space before everyone else! You already know how it is with websites: when someone performs a Google search, the Google Search Engine brings up many thousands of possible answers … but as far as the person performing the search is concerned, the only ones he or she is likely to consider are the first 3 or 4 websites that show up. And statistics confirm that over 85% of all the business generated by such searches (and which represent a truly staggering total dollar amount) goes to those first 3 or 4 websites.

Mobile applications are similar, people go to an app store or search engine and look for applications, so much so that now even basic devices show applications in search results. What this means is that if your slow to the market you are going to miss your opportunity. Mobile moves fast and customers want a mobile experience, if your business does not provide one they will go somewhere else.

Why Mobile Apps for Business? Beat your competitors and expand your market

Mobile applications are also a great way to get started in a new market or expand your business. If there is a field you want to grow your business then releasing a mobile to facilitate a need or want that other companies are not is easy way to see success. It does not matter what size business you have, mobile can be the great equalizer. You just need to make sure you have good mobile applications, most of the time template apps are a waste of time that will result in your business getting what it paid for, a mobile app but not much success. A custom app allows you to create a mobile experience tailored to a market that can be SEO’d (App Discovery). This a key element if your business is going to have a successful mobile application then it is best to do it right the first time.

Why Mobile Applications? Why AB Mobile Apps?

AB Mobile Apps is not only one of a very elite group of custom mobile App developers that both creates unique new coding and mobile database technologies to facilitate features that have never been previously developed … but that also has the uncommon skills to invest the mobile Apps we build with proper SEO. As a result, virtually every one of our Apps is placed first in the specific terms it belongs to. For example, on Android, one of our Apps shows up as the first law-firm in response to a search for lawyers or attorneys – not a small feat considering how competitive a category this one is as far as marketing is concerned; but our Apps in such varied categories as writing music and flowcharts are similarly placed, on both Apple and Android. So not only have we produced more distinctive and unique custom Apps (as entirely distinct from template Apps) than most other App developers out there, but our record whereby all of these are placed first or thereabouts in their particular fields, is extraordinary.

Mobile apps are extraordinary and crucial. Just as with websites, your App must show up very prominently in response to searches for it to be of real value. The majority of Apps fail to receive even 50 downloads in their first few months … which thus also prove to be their last few months! Successful Apps, properly invested with SEO (or ‘App Discovery’), can receive many thousands of downloads in their first few weeks, according to their overall relevance. But here’s the critical point for any company that is interested in developing a mobile App:

  • The time is, and must be, now! There is only one first place, only one first page, or screen. The longer you wait to develop your app, the more chance there is for your competition to get in ahead of you.
  • Not only this, but because of the ever-increasing complexity of the technologies involved in mobile development, together with the fact that there is an acute shortage of fully qualified custom mobile code developers, the costs for mobile app development are in fact increasing over time, rather than decreasing.

Mobile Application Development by AB Mobile Apps

AB Mobile Apps has developed a unique business and development model in order to provide top-quality custom mobile Apps to small businesses in price-ranges that they can afford. The majority of top-tier custom mobile app developers work primarily with and for larger corporations, that have a very different (marketing) budget.

Contact AB Mobile Apps now to discuss your mobile App development, and to get a price estimate for the specific features and functionalities you would like your App to have, as well as expert advice on how to determine such in relation to your specific goals, market and available budget. Call us now at (269)532-1500, or write to info@abmobileapps.com and secure your position in the world of mobile as quickly, affordably, and effectively as possible.



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