Why Mobile?: Why Mobility Must Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Why Is Everyone Talking About Going Mobile?


Because Mobile today is, by a wide margin, the fastest-growing giant industry on the planet, ever. Because all major digital technologies are headed to mobile – telecoms, computers, the internet, etc – and because all major media are headed to mobile – music, gaming, news, television, advertising – and because even money itself, from coins to banking to credit cards, is headed to a Smartphone near you. This is definitely undoubtedly already the "industry of the decade"; and we have only it has barely begun. So how big is big? It ‘s is already huge – and yet it is still in its infancy!
Let’s look at the some numbers.
So first the biggest number – 5.2. That is in billions with a B. There are 1.2 billion personal computers in use worldwide including desktops, laptops and tablet PCs like the iPad. There are 1.1 billion fixed landline phones. There are 1.0 billion automobiles registered and in use. There are 1.6 billion television sets, 1.7 billion credit card users, 2.0 billion internet users, 2.2 billion people with a banking account, and 3.9 billion radio receivers in use worldwide. Yet Mobile utterly dwarfs them all – with 5.2 billion currently active, ie fully paid Mobile phone subscriptions. Active Mobile phone accounts. 5.2 billion. Yes, there are 4.5 times more Mobile phone subscriptions than there are personal computers or landline phones. Or 2.5 times more mobile accounts than all internet users. How about 3Three times more mobile subscribers than the total number of television sets! Mobile is huger than huge! It’s quite simply the hugest!
It’s the Future ALREADY
The planet has 6.9 billion people alive, from babies to great grandparents. Now Currently there is an active mobile phone subscription for 75% of them. So where are we? One way to look at it this is in terms of electricity. The planet has 1.6 billion people who live beyond the reach of electricity (said CNN, 2009). So the mobile phone subscriber count is almost matching every human alive (including babies etc) who enjoys modern conveniences like electricity (5.3 billion people). Or another way? Water. We learned last year that 4.2 billion people use a toothbrush (MMA Forum Asia 2010) – so there are one billion more mobile phone accounts than the total number of users of a toothbrush. Or jobs? Motorola told us last year that there are 5 billion people who have a job on the planet – but 5.2 billion people have a mobile phone.

Where Mobile Is Going, Mobile is taking over the world

I am doing my 'count-down' (from the start of 2011) to the point when we have 100% per-capita penetration rate of mobile phone accounts on the planet, ie one active mobile account per person alive. We'll hit that point roughly at the end of 2013. But I'm using an age-related count-down. ISo if we instead allocate all existing active mobile phone accounts by age, from the eldest to the youngest, we are now (at the beginning of 2011) at the start of 2011, at the point, where there would be an active mobile phone account for every person over the age of 12 on the planet today! alive on the planet who is over the age of 12. It is coming down at the rate of about one year of age, per quarter! In other words phones are spreading at the rate of four years of age, per year. By the end of this year (2011) we'll be at about age 8… And it’s everywhere. In the USA the mobile phone penetration rate is rapidly nearing the 100% rate per capita (‘now,’ i.e. mid 2012, we are well-past that point! We should pass that point this year). That may seem impressive, it is not. Europe is at 130%, many leading countries are already past the 150% level and the United Arab Emirates (ie Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc) became the first country to pass a 200% mobile phone subscriber count. And even the world’s poorest regions are rushing in. The continent of Africa has already passed the 50% penetration level in mobile phone subscriptions per capita. To learn more on where mobility Mobile is going as well to begin to facilitate your own business’s most effective move into the mobile age, contact AB Mobile Apps today!