Windows 8 Mobile Application Development

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Developing a Windows 8 Mobile Application:

  • When developing a Windows 8 mobile application you need to consider what features you can create that will create a benefit to either you or your consumers. By this I mean do you want to create or develop a Windows 8 Mobile Application that will streamline your business operations or is your focus more on increasing sales?
  • Next beware of the industry; there is a shortage of qualified Windows 8 Mobile Application Developers so make sure you work with someone who is qualified with previous mobile application experience.
  • Don’t fall for a template. Templates may seem like a good idea however templates have many constraints especially with mobile. Your limited in  our functionality making it  arder to upgrade, your locked in forever (most of the time if you want to change the app to another developer you’ll lose everything you put into that template app and have to start from scratch whereas with a custom mobile app you can change at almost any time), you do not fully own your application, templates are hard to proper SEO and market.
  • Outline your ideas and talk to customers about what they would like to see out of a mobile application, not only will you get valuable information you might even get a sale or two.

How is Windows 8 going to different?

  • Know that the underlying reason behind the development of Windows 8 has been to facilitate the large-scale move to Mobile – because it is essentially a Mobile platform.
  • Unlike other platforms that seek to take a tablet and turn it into a large smartphone, Windows 8 seeks to take a PC (personal computer) and turn it more into to a portable computer tablet.
  • Because of the high demand of Mobile Apps Windows 8 will put the focus more its live tiles system and mobile applications. This is because mobile app usage is 6 and ½ times greater than website usage, people want mobile apps.

    Windows 8 Mobile Application Development

How will Windows 8 affect your marketing in general? 

  • Windows 8 transforms the look of your computer screen into that of a Mobile device.
  • You will need to develop a mobile application in order to stay relevant and competitive as consumers expect more direct relationship.
  • You will need to consider how you can develop a Windows 8 mobile application that is unique and will draw clients in when they are in 3 stages of engagement: Looking for information, Buying, and Service/Support/Reordering.  
  • Remember Mobile Applications are like the reinvention of the internet, if you’re not creating a mobile application then your competitors will be shortly, and just imagine what it was like when they had a website before you.


How will Windows 8 affect your relationship with your customers and potential clients?


  • Microsoft has committed to encourage everyone’s upgrading to Windows 8 as the standard. It is especially doing this by both offering it at a tenth the normal cost of a new Windows OS (i.e. for around $30-60 instead of $350+), as well as by discontinuing support for earlier operating systems than Windows 7, for instance Windows XP will end support completely in 2014 as many programs already are not compatible with Windows XP. What this means is you must embrace Windows 8 as consumers are forced to embrace Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 is ensuring that the future of general-purpose computing will occur via Mobile devices and Portable Computers not Personal Computers.
  • In essence then, Windows 8 is establishing the necessity for businesses in general to establish their own Mobile presence. Just as businesses today have at least one website, they now need a Mobile App to continue to increase their relevance to their markets … which are daily becoming increasingly Mobile.


What has happened, regardless of how much we may or may not be aware of it, is that we have all become a part of the Mobile Marketplace. There is no choice for business today as to whether or not to go along with it: only whether or not you and your business will do so consciously or unconsciously. If you do so consciously, you can be proactive about this, and align your business with the enormous potential Mobile can offer your business, by getting your own Mobile App for Windows 8 before everyone else in your industry does, and thus positioning yourself among the front-runners.

This really isn’t a train you want to try to catch up to from behind – because all the good seats will be taken!

Consider: supply (in terms of suitably expert developers) is decreasing, and demand for their services is increasing with every new mobile platform release. This means, the longer you wait to lock in your contract to get your own Mobile Apps developed, the longer you will indeed have to wait, once the line starts to build and prices increase!

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